Star Performing Arts Centre

August 6, 2018

[Marcus Marsden]

Review by Marcus Marsden

The best of the 3 shows that I saw.
Everything just seemed tighter tonight and the hall acoustics made for
wonderful sound. Much better than the cavernous HK arena to my ear and
with more atmosphere too, despite another quiet crowd.

Tonight I was front row (unexpectedly!) on the edge of the piano side
aisle. Great view of Bob the whole night  … it was almost like he was
playing for me! Nothing in between me and him .. except for two security
guards! Highlights for me were Don't Think Twice and of course Gotta Serve
Somebody. It was a first for me to hear this one live! What a treat!
Singapore has a pretty large Christian community, but the song could
equally be a reference to what is essentially a benevolent dictatorship or
the strong Singaporean desire to worship material things/money (the
theatre sits atop a 3 level shopping mall!) However there wasn't really a
weak song tonight - Pay In Blood is a shadow of its former self, but I
still love the song and “Tangled" is a bit of a non-event too, to my
ears, but you wouldn't call them weak per se - they have just been a lot
more powerful in recent times.

Dont remember many of the new “Serve Somebody” lines, except a
juxtaposition between Father Time and Mother Nature that seemed rather
nice. The two ladies sitting next to me were over from India and seeing
Bob for the first time. They were beaming after the show and I could see
why. It was fantastic!

Now I seem to find myself checking flights to Sydney for the new Enmore
Theatre show on the 19th. Like a moth to a flame....

Over to you Australia.
He's warming up very nicely ...


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