Toronto, Ontario

August 7, 1997

Molson Amphitheatre

Thanks to Karl Morehouse for the following review:

a brief concert synopsis...while it is still fresh in my mind...
Les Paul...Gold...Bob...dark jacket...dark purple (wine color?) pants
with a white stripedown the side...Absolutely Sweet Marie...the show is
off and running...and didn't slow down until 'Forever Young' (with a
very inspired harmonica solo at the end!!!)...Bob was moving around
alot...playing lead guitar on all the songs...the second song 'If You
See Her...' was played at a moderate to brisk pace (compared to the
acoustic studio version)...interesting but I did not really connect with
it (maybe because it is one of my favorite songs that i didn't like the
new arrangement)...lots of great guitar work by Bob all night long (both
acoustic and electric)...Tough Mama was a good workout for the band with
some good playing (lyrics sounded rushed)...I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
and Silvio were ok but One Too Many Mornings was great...some nice
phrasing and inspired guitar work...Cocaine slowed things down...a
little faster than Jackson Browne does it on his 'Running On Empty'
album...exceptional...back to speed...Watching The River Flow was very
fast(unlike the GH Vol.2 version in which the laid back feel seems more
suited to the lyrics)...more like Watching the waterfall...A good
version of This Wheel's On Fire...Leopard Skin Pillbox was a nice
surprise! soon as Bob said '...Leopard Skin Pillbox hat...' a woman
got up on the side of the stage wearing a pillbox hat (it looked pink
from where i was sitting; with an orange t-shirt and security just let
her dance for the length of the song...)...Bob was smiling, laughing,
and even kind of shuffling...Bob and the band started playing harder at
this sounded very good (again lots of lead guitar by
Bob)...the encores were the same as Lincoln on the first night...LARS
was ok at the beginning, some of the lines were
changed/omitted/forgotton but the second half of the song sounded fresh
and alive with some nice phrasing...he would wait with the end of a
line, sing it after the music cue and still get it all in...i don't
think you could sing along with any of his songs tonight (with the
exception of Forever Young and Cocaine Blues) as the
lyrics/phrasing/tempo seem to change constantly...somewher during this
time a man tried to get on stage at the side but security wrestles him
to the ground...he almost broke free but more guys came over to help and
the band just kept on playing...Forever Young was much like the single
version from Planet Waves...his voice sounded much stronger on this one
than all the other songs...astonishing performance...topped off by a
very inspired harmonica solo...Rainy Day Woman was the final somg as the
house lights were turned on...the band was really playing hard with Bob
taking all the leads...good show (especially the second half)...

Karl Morehouse

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