Darien Center, New York

August 8, 1997

Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Thanks to Jerry Tenenbaum for the following review:

A Short Review of Darien Dylan

Ani DiFranco apparently walked the picket lines with the replaced
stage hands this afternoon.  She then played a blistering set.  Dylan
followed with his own high powered Absolutely Sweet Marie.  From there,
the majority of the offerings were different from the night before in
Toronto.  If Not For You was gentle and rolling and It Takes A Lot To
Laugh was bluesy and always welcomed.  Again, the acoustic set
dominated.  The message to carry away is that Bob Dylan likes to play
guitar and tonight the confidence showed.  Masters of War was
particularly powerful.  The rock was tough as Tough Mama with Highway 61
Silvio and Like A Rolling Stone pushed to the limit.  I found only God
Knows somewhat lame.  On the other hand, Zanzinger got his again with a
moving Hattie Carroll.  Overall, this was a solid concert with Bob
emphasizing his professionalism and giving the audience what they came

Jerry Tenenbaum

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