Baltimore, Maryland

Virgin Mobile Festival
Pimlico Race Course

August 10, 2008


Review by VeryTangled

Last time Bob was at Pimlico it was for a Harley-Davidson 100
year anniversary party, which turned out to be sort of a dry-run for the
Virgin gig thatís been running the last three years.  There were several
bands.  That show was a real highlight, even if it was only 14 songs. 
August 18, 2002. He played Quinn The Eskimo for the first time in decades.
Came on stage with his shirt unbuttoned almost all the way down.  Bowed
deeply on one knee at the end.  Signed an autograph and tossed it into the

This time at Pimlico was excellent, but itís a different band, different time, 
different show now.  Eleven songs, suitable for the 75 minute timeslot. 
Any time we can hear Like A Rolling Stone weíre amazed, but there was just
one encore song.  We were definitely wanting much more but understood in
advance that it would be a shortened set.  We like the way that the band
has jelled nicely over the last several tours, so the backing was wonderful.  
Bob was animated, and engaged (and got off stage on time, so Kanye West 
could get set up for an amazing, and long, set).

The crowd, where I was standing, about fifteen people back
from stage center, was as distracted as they can ever be.  Quite a mixture
of people who were definitely not going to miss Bobís show, and folks who
were just checking it out between tokes and texting.  Appreciation was
strong at the end of songs, but Iím not sure they were familiar with the
songs/arrangements, or the unique structure of Bobís show. The setlist was
awesome, as always.  Some of the best of the best.  Ballad of a Thin Man,
and High Water are always tight.  Summer Days and Highway 61 are a rockin'
mess, in a good way.

I really think the attitude of the crowd can make or break a Dylan show.  
Sometimes I think they can really cause the music to take-off, or fall flat.  
On this count, the crowd got what they deserved, Bob gave it a great 
effort, but they could have helped a little more.

I wouldnít miss it, thanks for coming to our town Bob!  Also thanks to the
band, the crew, and Bill P. for all helping to feed my needs. 

P.S. The Virgin Festival is really worth seeing.  Very well done, and an
amazing variety of entertainment.  A great time was had by all.


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