Boise, Idaho

Idaho Botanical Gardens

August 15, 2010

[Richard Arndt]

Review by Richard Arndt

Dylan started off the concert at the Botanical Gardens (great outdoor
venue) with a sloppy but fun Rainy Day Woman, then pulled the crowd to
their feet with crackerjack versions of Love Minus Zero/No Limit and Most
Likely You Go Your Way.  A jaunty organ intro by Dylan then launched a
great, sing-a-long Just Like A Woman.  Then he and the band seem to lose
the crowd's concentration with somewhat lackluster versions of Rollin' And
Tumblin' and Tryin' To Get To Heaven but that changed rapidly when Dylan
and band delivered a stunning eight songs in a row with strong vocals, a
band driving the songs with the pedel to the metal and a crowd that was
dancin', singin' and clappin' their hearts out.  It would be hard to pick
a best song from the set as each seemed to improve on the one before it.  
High Water got the crowd back on its feet, Forgetful Heart and The Levee's
Gonna Break kept them there, Blind Willie McTell was the best rendition of
this song I've ever heard, Highway 61 Revisited boomed out of the
speakers, Working Man Blues (one of my favorites) was tender and sweet,
then an exciting Thunder On The Mountain (marred somewhat by an idiot
trying to run across the stage) and then that truly great version of
Ballad Of A Thin Man.  Bob smiled more than once throughout the concert so
it was somewhat surprising to get only one encore song with a decent
version of Like A Rolling Stone, which the crowd sang along with.  Damn
fine concert! 


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