Mansfield, Massachusetts

August 16, 1997

Great Woods Center For The Performing Arts

Thanks to Joseph Corey for the following review:


I just returned from Dylan's effervescent Great Woods show. Yes, the
pretzels cost way too much at Don Law's tree lined goldmine, but Dylan
sure does play fine shows here. I see that you already got the set
lists, so here's a brief review if you're interested.
 Maybe Great Woods wasn't sold out because Elvis/Dylan fans were on a
pilgrimage to Memphis. Well, anyone that missed tonight's show missed a
terrific performance by Cowboy Bob, his band, as well as Ani DiFranco
and BR 459. I don't know who picks Bob's openers, but he or she should
be commended as both bands were quite entertaining.
 To these ears, Bob's guitar playing and vocals were much more focused
and forceful at Great Woods than at Loon Mtn. and Tanglewood. Indeed,
from my delightful 6th row center vantage point Bob appeared a good deal
more relaxed than two weeks ago and certainly did more than his fair
share of smiling and whisical cavorting, especially when he posed with
one leg on the Kemper's riser during his soulful workout of Forever
Young. Can a Townsend windmill be far behind? More dramatically, he
seemed to give Larry Campbell much more room to solo and play darting
rhythms. Both Larry and Bob sparkled on Blind Willie McTell as Bob fired
off a quick riff after every couple of lines and Larry plucked a
brillant accompaniment on a multi-string acoustic instrument that looked
like something a Greek belly dancer's accompaniest would play. Both jams
sparkled in McTell, helped in no small part by the exceptionally well
sculptured sound, (a Great Woods rarity!), and the rock solid support
given by Tony, Buddy, and David. Garnier's switch to a Rickenbacker has
certainy helped give his bass wonderful definition in the mix. If I may
digress, check out his work on a tape from Loon Mtn. where the PA really
sound killer. Back to Blind Willie McTell, it was everything I hoped for
and more. Let's be thankful he didn't heed the undertaker's bell!
 I could on, but I won't except to say that I had a swell time and I
can't imagine that anyone left Great Woods feeling any differently than
did I. Well, maybe Don Law since I boycotted his overpriced pretzels and
many would be concert goers boycotted sections 4 and 8!

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