Park City, Utah

Deer Valley Resort

August 17, 2010

[Ryan C. Staker]

Review by Ryan C. Staker

Bob Dylan and his band took the stage in Park City just as the sun was
ending its day.  The band was dressed sharply in their beige western-cut
suits and Dylan looking like the band leader he is in his black cowboy
suit, to include a cool eagle bolo tie and of course his famous black cowboy
boots.  The crowd was slow to fully engage with Dylan and his band, but
it was song #9 in the lineup- Cold Irons Bound that got our full attention.
This was the first number where Charlie Sexton (playing lead guitar like
the virtuoso he is and Bob stroking the keyboards with perfection) that
Dylan and Charlie traded lead back and forth.  It was a real treat to see them
smile and show their respect they have for one another.  Highway 61 was
in position #11 and also seemed to be a real crowd pleaser.  The show
finished with less than a bang, but Dylan and the boys more than made up 
for it with the 3-song encore.  The lights came back up to the sound of 
Like A Rolling Stone and Dylan chose this moment to due a lengthy introduction 
of the band-nice!  They then moved into a blistering rendition of Jolene with
Charlie even doing a few rock-n-roll howls, much like the audience.  They closed
the show with a nice version of All Along the Watchtower.  The house lights
came up, Dylan and his band lined up for a synchronized bow, to include the
now famous Dylan six-gun salute, and just like that, the show was over.  As
we were walking to the parking lot, Dylan's bus was already on the roll,
headed for Vegas, gunslinger aboard, and nothing but smoke and a memory left

Ryan C. Staker
Springville, Utah     


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