Sydney, Australia

Enmore Theatre

August 19, 2018

[Nick Miller], [Luke], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Nick Miller

Bob and his band played an emphatic concert tonight at the Enmore Theatre
in the heart of the Inner-West of Sydney. The sold out concert attracted
an enthusiastic crowd and it was great to be standing down the front
enjoying the show. Bob wore all black to suit the neighbourhood and the
big change in the set list was a wonderful version of Visions of Johanna
in place of Desolation Row at song 13 - Ain't it just like the night to
play tricks when you're tryin' to be so quiet? Bob's current
interpretations of his songs suited the Enmore Theatre down to the ground
and the crowd loved every moment. Roll on Wollongong tomorrow night.

Nick Miller


Review by Luke

I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that his
performance at Enmore Theatre on the 19th of August 2018 was just as good
as any performance he ever did in the mid 1960s that many people may
consider to be his 'peak'. I was right at the front looking straight into
Bob's face; mere metres away. I had seen him the night before, but to see
him with such clarity up close was surreal. This is the real Bob Dylan. At
the piano. Legs stretched apart, leaning over the piano and banging at the
keys. This is how he began and this is where he returns. This is the type
of venue that Bob should play at all the time. It's not an arena
spectacular performance; it requires a sense of intimacy. Every little
smile and squint into the audience coming from Bob's face is the essence
of where fulfillment comes from by being at a bob show. His last small
theatre show in Australia in 2014 saw a change the second half of his
setlist; but tonight the only song that changed was Desolation Row being
replaced by Visions Of Johanna. Like I noticed the night before, after
just about every song he turns around and Donnie is cracking up laughing.
Another thing i noticed being up close on the right side was just how many
times Bob looks at his drummer George- it's almost comical the faces
George pulls. Whenever Bob pulls out a new rhyme of Gotta Serve Somebody
or does a beautiful phrasing of a line in Tangled Up In Blue, George is
just smiling and looking joyous to be there. It's the ultimate. Bob had
two cups next to him- one which seemed like water, and the other one had
steam coming out of it so I gather it was tea or hot water. Highway 61 saw
a couple of guys at the front jumping around up and down like they were in
grunge mosh pit. I could see in Bobs face that he noticed them and he
seemed to get a kick out of it. He started moving his body more to the
groove and started getting on a roll. Simple Twist of Fate started off
with Bob solo on the piano- i think this was because he sang his first
line very early and the band wasnt ready. It's also a joy watching the
bassist Tony's face as he smiles when Bob pulls off another magic moment.
The new arrangement of Pay in Blood i feel has improved alot since the
beginning of this tour. Bob is fitting his lines in better now and the
band generally seem to be playing it with more confidence. Visions Of
Johanna. Before they started playing, Tony walked over to Charlie and
seemed unsure of something, he asked Charlie something and Charlie walked
over to Bob and then nodded back to Tony. It honestly took me a couple of
lines to realise it was Visions Of Johanna- i thought it was just a new
arrangement to desolation row. This was the first performance of the song
since about 2015. Sublime. Bob's a cheeky guy. Because I was so close, I
could see his face during the breaks after the song when the lights go
dark. Whenever the lights are on Bob has a serious look on his face, but
as soon as the song ends and the lights go dark I could see Bob's face
each time light up with a smile and look of great satisfaction. Some guys
at the front yelled out a request for Every Grain Of Sand- bob heard it
and laughed. The arrangement from Gotta Serve Somebody changed tonight
from the 'peter gunn' version to a bluesy one. This was the bluesy type
rhythm I heard them do during soundcheck. Some great new lines from Bob
too- 'you might not even know the day of your birth'. And then Bob drove
out into the night heading down south to Wollongong.


Review by Laurette Maillet

The day starts a 9 am. The concert is GA and I forgot. But I didn't plan
to queue. I usually don't anymore. But some Fans I know are in the line
and I decide to join. I am given a number, 12. so I am the twelfth in the
line, which doesn't mean any thing for I don't have a ticket. Supposedly
GOLD to be in the pit. By now the crew members are putting on the stage,
as I know it happens every day of a show at 9am. My chances are slim for a
ticket before 6.30pm (opening of the doors) and according to everyone slim
all together. Well. I am tired to explain that a small venue plus a sold
out show don't mean anything for my plan. It's all a question of luck and
circumstances. Don't I, ME, know that? It is weird how people explain to
me how to get a free ticket. It would be like me explaining to a fisherman
how to fish. Each person is limited to its own world. Hard to be open
minded, hard to learn a lesson from others, hard to have empathy. I
donít explain to anyone how to buy a front row ticket for 600$.I have NO
idea how it works. This said I go on my way. On and on I have a pleasant
afternoon :the sun is shining, I grab some food and manage to control my
cold and cough. By late afternoon I spot Bob and his Band getting in for
the soundcheck. I wish people could believe me on that too's
not important. Just for me a little treat if I can't get in. By 5.30pm
they regulate the line and it starts to be too much for me. I still don't
have a ticket. I suddenly feel like going home to rest and forget the
crowd folly. I walk away. But I do need to get a ticket to see the show.
This is why I am here. I forget about the rail, getting in is now the only
objectif. And finaly I don't want to be on the rail. I Don't fit there.
After the floor had been admited, the seated patrons start entering by the
other door. Paradoxicaly those are a lot more friendly. They even TALK to
me.woah! Some extra tickets are avaliable. For now a bit too much
expensive. 15 minutes before show time when my mood is a lot better and my
spirit much higher a young boy proposes a ticket for 50$. I accept. The
value is 239. My position is strange. We are a bunch of Fans in the foyer,
meaning right next to the bar and marchandise stand, outside the main
venue but above the whole public. My chance is that the couple next to me
is over friendly. The man is impressed by my 400 Bob Dylan shows since the
78's. I donít impress much the Bobcats anymore! It is My moment of
glory! Everyone needs one. We play a game;he will try to recognize the
songs and I will approve? We have fun until Bob decides to change one song
in the setlist.... Bob appears all in black, including the boots. Oh oh. 1
"Things have changed" is strong. His voice is groaling, a bit tired but he
is forcing the sound out. He wants to impress the standing crowd. 2 "It
ain't me Babe " is perfect. 3 "H61"is powerful. I watch George who seems
to be particularly hard and loud. 4 "Simple twist of fate" I am tired of
it. 5 "Duquesne whistle " is mumbling and I do believe he did a mistake in
the lyrics at the end. My friend is good but at some point he murmurs to
me "will he stand up and pick up his guitar?". I say no. I feel a little
disappointement. It's true that from our position, the view on Bobby's
face is limited. 6. "When I Paint My Masterpiece " exceptional. And yes,
everything will be different when I paint my masterpiece. I will have
money for Bob Dylan ticket shows. 7. "Honest With Me" . No comment 8.
"Tryin' To Get To Heaven" No comment 9. "Make You Feel My Love." Nice
harmonica at the start. 10. "Pay In Blood ." Would be better center stage.
11. "Tangled Up In Blue " Tired of it. 
Then my friend asks me if he will do ERK. I say , yes. Luckily he didnít
change this one! 12. "Early Roman Kings." great. George is really good
Oh oh oh 
It doesnít start like Desolation row. ..... 
13. "Visions Of Johanna" 
Beautifull surprise. And the first rows know what they get. 
My good friend asks for "love sick" and...he will get it. 
14. "Love Sick" 
15. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right." 
I start to appreciate it. 
16. "Thunder On The Mountain" 
I dance for there is no restrictions where I am, standing in the foyer.
17. "Soon After Midnight. " Sweet. I cry on this one. I've been sick and
depressed all day. 18. "Gotta Serve Somebody" (Boogie Woogie version) It
is a new arrangement and it swings good. I hear some people singing along.
My friend asks if it is the end. 
No. 2 more. 
He's funny. He trusts me. 
19. "Blowin' In The Wind" 
20. "Ballad Of A Thin Man" 
It's all over. 
It was a show much appreciated by me 'cause so hard to get in. 
I was very happy to find my good friend who absolutely wants to take a
photo of me with his wife. He says he will write a story about me. Woah! I
feel appreciated. I rapidly move out. I walk back to my couchsurfing host
2 blocks away. This was the best show out of 4. Of course according to my
personal experience. Good night Bobby. See you tomorrow. 


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