Wollongong, Australia

WIN Entertainment Centre

August 20, 2018

[Peter Womack], [Luke], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Peter Womack

Great concert, especially ‘Gotta Serve Somebody ‘ with new lyrics.
Almost entire song with new lines except for the chorus. Here are 2
examples; “ you may be on the wagon, you may be on the road” “you
may be a farmer, you may be a state trooper in body armour “. 
“Don’t Think Twice “ amazing, almost spoken like a rap song, but
slower. Outstanding.

Full house, only minor complaint was there was none of Bob’s whiskey
for sale at the merchandise stand. See you next time. 


Review by Luke

It's a testament to Bob Dylan's dedication as an artist that at 77 he
still chooses to come travel halfway around the world to perform in front
of a few thousand people in a random almost regional Australian town.
Stu's acoustic guitar received some static and started crackling as he did
his pre-show noodle. He got handed a new guitar and things went fine. I
couldn't see it exactly, but im pretty sure bob and co. were chuckling
when they walked onstage after that. During one song, Tony did a chuck
berry type duckwalk across the back of the stage. There was a new phrasing
on tangled up in blue- instead of 'we just saw it from a different point
of view, tangled up in blue', he went something like 'depending on your
point of view, we were tangled up in blue'. First time I've heard him
phrase it like that. The new arrangement of pay in blood gets better each
night. Desolation row was played instead of Visions of johanna...and i
guess that shouldn't surprise anyone. Charlie had a bit of a solo during
Thunder on the mountain unlike previous nights. I never realised how much
flexibility the drummer George has. I sorta thought he would have the most
repetitive role in the band, but turns out he himself is constantly
keeping it fresh with new fills and bits. The band during Don't Think
Twice seems to have gotten tighter. I'm guessing they didn't rehearse it
too much before this tour so after playing it about 10 times by now it
feels less improvised when I hear it. It's soon after midnight and one can
assume the group are now en route north to Newcastle.


Review by Laurette Maillet

From Sydney I catch a train to Wollongong in the late morning. 
It will take one hour and a half of a pleasant ride. 
The weather is fine and I want to take a chance to see the sea. 
Stepping outside the train station in Wollongong already gives me a
strange feeling. 
It is too much empty and too much quiet. 
But….where are the people? 
The half hour walk towards the beach confirms that feeling ; an empty and
ugly city. 
At the end of the road there is some kind of light. The ocean is of a
blue/green colour and the sand is white. 
Spending some time along the Ocean is refreshing for the soul. 
I spotted the venue on the way. It is one of those huge stadiums.
Efficient for the capacity but nothing more. 
The afternoon is passing by nicely. Alone but not in loneliness. 
The Aussie Bob Dylan Fan club arrives in the late afternoon. 
There is an arrangement to bring some Fans back to the city of Sydney
after the show. A bus is supposed to be rented and the expenses share
among the patrons. The plan is not too clear with me, a bit of
confusion….50$ for a trip that coasts 8$ on the train? Going to the
central station anyway? 
My plan B is to catch the train ; 10.23pm or 11.23pm? 
And the Aussie Bob Dylan Fan club walks to the ….Bar. 
This is when I feel loneliness. 
And no, I am not a teetotaller. I just don’t get intoxicated before a
show. What the point? I appreciate the music with all my body and clear
I don’t mind a sweet glass of white wine or a delicious beer ….after
the show. If my schedule gives me that opportunity. 
By 6.30 p.m. the crowd slowly moves inside the building. 
We are only few folks looking for cheap tickets but my luck is running out
of me. 
I don’t have neither the look, neither the spirit of arguing on my
reasons why I don’t go to the BoxOffice to buy one. 
By 8 p.m. I am the only one out, desperate now to get in. 
The same scenario happened and this night 3 times ; a nice looking, well
dressed woman comes to me and says yes , she has an extra. 
-“How much do you want to pay?” 
My sign doesn’t seem to be explicit enough, or maybe they just don’t
read it. I mumble that I don’t have much money. Immediately they are on
the defensive, taking a mean attitude and expressing with their face and
body that no, they don’t like beggars, then move briskly inside the
security checkpoint and venue WITH the extra ticket. Wasted , anyway. 
Though I know the scenario by now, it always gives me some desperate
emotion. Why? Oh Why? 
The last Lady “excused” herself by saying ; “but I paid 200$ for
it”. And? I don’t deny it is an expensive purchase but why trashing it
on the top of all? 
By 8.15 p.m. I know Bob is on stage for I hear the sound from inside. 
My mind floats for an instant ; do I wait for a miracle? Do I move now to
the train station, back home? 
This is when I dearly miss my friend Ben. Ben! oh! Ben! were are you
When, coming from nowhere, I spot a young Lady, certainly outside the
normal set of patrons ; she’s loaded with ...books! 
She addresses me with a high pitch of voice. 
I feel suddenly an immense relief. Though she is ‘weird’ , she is
certainly SMART. I picture her as an Asperger ; person with a high level
of intelligence but a bit on the side concerning sociability. Am I in that
spectrum too? 
We chat for about 10 minutes. She talks mainly about her encounter wit F.
that “Gypsy”(?) girl from Italy following Bob Dylan all around the
world (and no, she’s not me, and I am not her, for ME, I DO GO to the
shows! I am a Fan, not a stalker). 
That smart Lady figures out , right away, there is something wrong with
all F.’s stories. 
As we exchange some news about F. I keep my eyes on the late folks coming
in and keep alert for any sign. I spot a group of 4 girls laughing and
running late. I immediately move to them. 
-“ by any chance do you have an extra ticket?” 
-”Do you mind if I walk in with you?” 
I kind of force my chance, but by now I’m totally desperate for
anything. My so called friend starts a trouble but I can’t do nothing
and I feel this ticket is for ME. Sorry Lady! 
We rush to the seats. Those girls are laughing and I don’t feel
comfortable about disrupting the show. 
By the time we settle down Bob is finishing “Duquesne whistle”. 
The girls keep on chatting, obviously not coming for the show but just to
have a good time together. 
As Bob is in the middle of “When I paint my Masterpiece” the girl next
to me starts talking to me. 
It’s a bit too much and I signals her I need to listen to Bob. Sorry. 
I focus as hard as possible on the stage. We are far away on the top of
the Arena. 
Bob is doing good. 
I appreciate each one of the songs for I know I could have missed them
We appreciate what we had, when we don’t have it anymore! 
Even “Make you feel my love” sounds good. He didn’t start with the
harp though. 
“Pay in blood” appears also better when I stop focusing on the lyrics
and try to catch the groove. 
On the “Early Roman Kings” I pay attention to Charlie’s guitar. 
And as I am ready for “Visions of Johanna” I recognise the intro of
“Desolation row”. 
A slight stir from the audience but nothing spectacular. 
I am wondering what kind of public we have tonight since he did already 2
shows in Sydney, only 2h ride away from here. 
“Love sick” make the girls on my left react. They do know the songs,
or some of them. 
I am a polite listener tonight ; no karaoke, no dance. A mix feelings of
sadness and happiness. Of course I’m in but I did pay the price , I
payed in blood (and my own). 
“Thunder’” doesn’t bring the Fans up. Maybe some aficionados in
the front. 
“Gotta serve somebody” is remarkable. Definitively the highlight of
the show. 
I still have to figure out the lyrics...something about being in Las Vegas
and having Fun???? 
I murmur to the girl on my left that I will have to move now for I need to
catch a train so, move rapidly outside the venue. I thank her VERY VERY
I step down by the exit door and listen and watch the final 2 songs. 
Bob and the Band make their bow and I spot a rebellious Charlie. Not
bowing properly!ah! 
I walk fast and catch my train to Central then a metro to Enmore. I will
be in bed by 1 a.m. Not too bad! 
No trouble with Bobcats or FanClub or any bullshits. 
On my own again. A freewheeling! 
You were asking how I was feeling. Was that some kind of joke? 
If you see me...don’t say hello! 
Thanks Bobby and the Band. 
You’re the reason I’m travelling on , so…. 
Good night. See you in NewCastle next. 


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