Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Pre-concert Gathering - 08/21/98

Pre-concert Gathering

Melbourne Australia

August 21-22, 1998

The Corner Hotel, Front Bar

All local and visiting fans attending the Melbourne concerts on Friday 21st
August and Saturday 22nd August, are invited to attend the following venue
for both pre- and apres- concert drinks and get-together:

The Corner Hotel, Front Bar
57 Swan St. 
phone 9427 7300
licensed till 1 am - dinner available in Front Bar from 6.30

The hotel is adjacent to Richmond railway station, near the corner of Swan
St. and Punt Rd., Richmond. It's a brisk walk or tram ride down Swan Street
to Melbourne Park, the concert venue. Any time from 6pm onwards would be a
good time to meet.

Friday 21st August is "Daffodil Day" in Melbourne - small artificial
daffodils are sold to raise money for charity and worn by many on lapel or
breast.  So perhaps if wearing an r.m.d. flower it would be best to choose
something other than a daffodil, so as not to confuse people! 

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