Elizabeth, Indiana

Horseshoe Southern Indiana
Outdoor Stage

August 23, 2008

[Russ Heldman], [Joe Malekovic]

Review by Russ Heldman

The 4 things about this show worth noting: Visions Of Johanna; The Levee's
Gonna Break; I Believe In You; and Ain't Talkin.' The rest were Dylan on
cruise control. During the early numbers Dylan was agitated at his band
and even appeared to chew out Tony and George. This was nothing like the
Ryman shows in Nashville of last year of which I wrote. Hope Bob can shake
off his hurry to get on & off stage and his new inclination to "rock" out
all his songs to the point of obscuring them beyond enjoyment. Hope Bob
can return to greatness soon. We have seen and heard much better. 
I will stay tuned.   

Russ Heldman


Review by Joe Malekovic

Dylan and His Band seemed very tight and fairly lively, with Bob walking
and bouncing around a bit between numbers to stay loose, I thought Bob
looked good and fit, (there was even some cat whistling from a female
audience member when Bob had to bend down to retrieve a dropped 
harmonica). Visions of Johanna,  the Levee's Gonna Break, I Believe In 
You and Honest With Me, followed,  and the first 3 were absolute gems, 
and even Honest With Me, which I  thought I may have listened to too 
much lately, was spiced up By Bob  doing some kind of staccato, chanting 
type vocals at one point, which was really awesome and had He and Tony 
really getting into it and laughing.  Hattie Carroll, HW61 and Make You 
Feel My Love, followed and were pretty  standard, with Make You Feel, 
being the only tune of the night I would  have traded in. I don't Believe 
You, Ain't Talkin' and Thunder on the  Mountain closed the main set and 
all were very enjoyable. After the  encore break Bob playfully returned  
by circling behind the stage and  popping up on the other side of the 
drum kit.Rolling Stone and Blowin' in  the Wind ended the show, both 
well done with Blowin' in the Wind  especially relevant and enjoyable, 
with Tony and Donnie really getting  into their parts. I didn't feel the 
show was rushed or hurried, actually there were a couple times where I 
thought the show might be ended and cut a little short, but thankfully 
Bob Dylan and His Band kept it rollin',  right around 2 hrs.. Come back 
through soon Guys...................joe


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