Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane Entertainment Centre

August 24, 2018

[Karen Barton], [Maureen Sutcliffe], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Karen Barton

Bob Dylan gets better with age! Last night was just sublime, just perfect,
just freakin amazing. Bob was on piano most of the night, my seat right
opposite so my view was incredible! Bob had that piano totally under his
control, he played with energy, expertise and he actually looked as though
he was fully enjoying himself, often smiling and nodding to his band in an
OK ‘this is going well guys’ sort of look. He stood at the piano for
most of the night as he and his tool became one magical sound and vision.
(No Bowie pun intended ) Bob went centre stage for Love Sick,
courting and dancing with the mike stand and for the whole time looking in
our direction, it felt like there was no one else in the room, just Bob
and I. It’s the best I’ve ever seen him, he was so animated, energetic
and engaged in his music, his band and the crowd. I love the way he holds
his little finger high when playing harmonica, I love the way he
re-invents his music and I love the way he transcends all ages. I was sat
with a bunch of Dylan fans who have travelled around Australia for this
never ending tour and they stated Brisbane was the best show ever! I do
feel very blessed to have witnessed this ‘best ever show’ Two hours
none stop of absolute magic, thank you Bob Dylan. Will we see this again?
At 77 years old, who can say, but I hope so!


Review by Maureen Sutcliffe

I arrived at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre early, eagerly anticipating
my 5th Dylan Concert. I was accompanied by my 14-year-old granddaughter
whose keen musical appreciation embraces Dylan. Our seats were fairly
removed from the stage and we were not able to see facial expressions of
Bob and his Band, but the energy and vibrancy of the music was amazing and
my enthusiasm hard to contain. I can’t whistle but whoo-hooed a lot
(well we both did) and it may have had something to do with the couple in
front of us leaving quarter way through, although (they were an older
couple) I suspect it had more to do with expectation of the
Bob-from-way-back. But this is the NOW Bob – energetic, refreshing and
relevant as ever. Bob’s current setlist spans several decades of his
compositions but with new exciting arrangements which keep you guessing
and with Bob’s voice a bit (well let’s say rougher) the lyrics
aren’t always immediately obvious. The band was superb, swinging their
way through blues, rock and jazz effortlessly with Bob on the piano most
of the night and playing brilliantly. I felt privileged to be there. In
these days of leadership tumbles, this King reigns supreme.


Review by Laurette Maillet

I decided to book a youth hostel after an exhausting  night 12 hours 
train. I arrive too early to check in. Left my luggage at the locker 
and go for a visit of the koalas' sanctuary.  I am disappointed.  
They are caged more than anything.  Back to the hostel. I relax
in a 4 beds dorm, but we are only 2 females. Nice and quiet. I take
the train to the entertainment center. I arrive early. The arena is huge
and in the middle of nowhere. Literally in the woods. I pull my sign out.
I am all by myself, but I am confident. Until a security guys barks at me
that I can't do that here, either I go, either I buy a ticket. Alright. I
feel much uncomfortable so I decide to buy a ticket. 109$ oh well! 
I'll  eat potatoes for the rest of the year! The seat is far away in the
back of the arena, I will try to snick in a little bit closer. And I do
find 2 empty seats row 50 or so, on the aisle. I'm nervous for the 3 first
songs. I don’t know if the seats will be claimed. But they will remain
empty to the end. For the 2 first songs the sound is muffled. I am ready
for a common show. Ordinary in a big venue. When I'm ready for a sing
along "Duquesne whistle " I see Donnie on violon and they start one I LOVE
; "summer days",  a honky tonk version. Fantastic. I believe Bob was
tired of Duquesne.  The next songs are alright but just before "love
sick" Bob moves to George, exchange some words and grab the center 
mike. The most fantastic,  powerfull "Love sick" I ever heard. The Band is
picking up the energy. All the songs until the end will be powerful. Bob
just electrified the stage. Like they all had a shot of cafeine. "Thunder"
is amazing when Tony, Charlie and Donnie regrouped to give a sort of
ovation to George on his drum solo. I dance on my seat, with no refrain. 
The public will react here and there.  They recognize the first notes of
"Desolation row". But nothing like hysteria.  Same non passionate crowd!
Of course they have no comparison to make. But, ME, I know it's  a great
one. Second best after Enmore. I catch the train to the hostel. For some
reason my night is agitated; dreaming of being hated by all , security,
fans, crew people (I don’t talk to anymore). And that line popping up in
my head ; Everything is gonna be different,  when I paint my
Masterpiece!  Is saving my sanity. Thank you  Bobby for that special
show. You must have known that I paid for it. Good night Bobby. See
you in Aukland! Safe flight.


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