Indianapolis, Indiana

White River State Park
Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn

August 25, 2012

[Durk Pebley]

Review by Durk Pebley

I attended the concert at White River State Park with a friend who had never 
seen Bob before but was a big fan.  The crowd was fairly young as we sat and 
watched the lawn crowd file in front of us.  Then, we bought some merchandise 
and settled in.  The band wandered on stage first and then Bob emerged from 
the right side of the stage with no introduction.  One guy yelled from behind us  
"There he is!"  The highlights for me were numerous. The thunderous version of 
"Highway 61 Revisited"  even impressed Bob.  He came to the front of the stage 
brushing his shoulders as if to say "Wow!  That one was a winner!"  "Things 
Have Changed"  was noteworthy and Bob was smiling at the end of the song.  
"Hattie Carroll"  was great as Bob gave the lyrics meaning as he punched out 
every word clearly.  "Visions of Johanna"  was a bit muddled but nice.  "Like A 
Rolling Stone" pleased everyone as ususual and "Watchtower"  was just as good 
as ever.  "Blowin In the Wind" closed the show and Bob was smiling throughout 
the concert.  Not the best I have seen but in the top five.  As the crowd filed 
out, Dylan's tour bus came by and everyone waved.  Nice evening and hoping 
soon I will see him for the sixteenth time. 


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