Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

August 26, 1997

Blossom Music Center

Thanks to Brian and Jill for the following review:

Cuyahoga Falls
      This was the second time we've seen the show on this tour, the first
being Pine Knob.  Unfortunatley we missed most of BR5-49's set but the two
sings that we did hear sounded very good.  Next up Ani DiFranco. Ani's set
was alot different than Pine Knob's, not as many crowd pleasers but an
increadable verison of Dylan's "Most of the Time".  If you have not heard Ani
yet, check her out. Her singing, guitar playing, and songwriting are
       (A quick intermisson, house lights down, and the introduction, "Ladies
and gentlemen please welcome Comumbia recording artist, Bob Dylan!".  Bob
opened the set with, yes you guessed it, "Absolutely Sweet Marie" and
followed immedeatly with "The Man In Me", a slow ballad that I had never
heard before.  Next up were "Tough Mama", "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight", and
"Silvio".  All were performed quite well, but failed to really spark most of
the aduience.  Bob then informs the auidience of the Acoustic portion of the
show.  This was the highlight of the show. They fist played "Roving Gambler",
a simple folk tune with incredible three part harmonies by Bob and the band.
 (Does anyone know where this song is available, I'd never heard it before).
 "Masters of "War" , perhaps the biggest surprise of the night followed. Nice
arrangement with the band.  "Tangled Up In Blue" followed, Dylan seemed to
enjoy this song, making continous eye contact with the audience and
performing an extended guitar solo.  I have not heard Dylan's vocie this
strong in any of the past shows I've attended over the past five years. The
electric portion of the show continued "Stuck Inside Of Mobile", "This
Wheel's On Fire", and "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat".  Bob then came back on
three times for encores closing with "Highway 61", accompanied by several
audience members who made it pass security.  Bob left smiling and blowing
kisses to the crowd. 

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