Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 08/26/98


August 26, 1998

Perth, Australia
Burswood Resort Casino
Burswood Dome

Thanks to Carsten Wohlfeld for the following review:

Well, when you smash your glasses it's not going to be a fun day, especially
when you're as blind without 'em as I am. The day of my trip to Perth was
saved on the plane though, cause I was treated to my all-time favorite
episode of "Friends" as we'll as the movie "Hope Floats" (incl. Plenty of
"Feel My Love" airplay) and the fact that Ed in Perth was a quite lovely
host. Thanks! The day of the show we pretty much spend running around Perth
and Fremantle, checking out all the important sights as well as hunting for
posters. It was the 1.000 show of what we still call the Neverending Tour,
despite the fact that Bob thinks it has ended in 1990. Anyways, the Burswood
Dome is a huge ugly building where you never should have a concert... oh
well. Walker/Davies were opening again and they were okay. Reminded me of a
more traditional orientated Gallon Drunk. Patti Smith was once again in fine
form tonight, shaking up her set quite a bit. After opening with some
comments on the great Indian Ocean she started with a poem I didn't
recognize that became a storming rendition of "Not Fade Away" with Patti
going mad on harp, hopping around the stage! A gentle "Wing" followed to
make way for a song "from a couple of decades ago", as Patti called it -
"Because The Night"! She also made some comments about the beautiful Swan
River in Perth,  and, funnily enough, she followed it with "Pissing In The
River" :- ) She also skipped "Free World" for the first time on this tour to
play "Paint It Black" just before ending with her usual opener "People Have
The Power". Stagerush happened during that song and Patti finally had a
great time. Wonderful show as ever!

Bob and his band came out at approx. 9.20pm to start - yet again - with:

 Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

Which was given the usual treatment. I guess it's an easy way to start the
show, cause it's a simple 12 bar blues, but there are tons of other song to
open your set with, so this choice still kinda annoys me.

 I Want You

Yet another "Blonde On Blonde" song, the usual slow arrangement with Bob's
voice a bit rusty to make it really special. Solid.

 Can't Wait

One of the highlights of the night for me. Bob's voice was pretty shot all
night, but the way he was spitting out the words to this one made perfect
sense. Pretty hot delivery music-wise as well.

 Positively 4th Street

Well, since I've heard what many people regard as the best two live versions
of this song ever - Berlin and Magdeburg 1996 - live and in colour it's
always very hard for me to like this song. Tonight it was pretty good
though, complete with nice new phrasing and long pauses between the start
and the end of the line. You'll know what I mean when you hear the tape!

 Watching The River Flow

Another very funky performance of this song, long twin guitar solos, lots of
smiles from everybody on stage! Nice!

 Cold Irons Bound

Was "Cold Irons Bound" and I liked it for the simple fact that it wasn't

 Don't Think Twice It's All Right (acoustic)
Third night in a row but it's such a lovely song that I didn't mind. Strange
though that Bob messed up the lyrics AGAIN! Bob was rolling his eyes
constantly - either he was angry at himself for forgetting the words or the
band did something wrong (I didn't hear it then)

 The Times-They Are A-Changin' (acoustic)

Even though I don't have to hear the tune ever again I have to admit that
this version was quite nice. No major highlights, but everything seemed to
fit in perfectly.

 Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

Solid. Enjoyed by band and fans alike.

 Forever Young (acoustic)

Somebody down at the front yelled for this song and went absolutely berserk
when they started it about ten seconds later. The obviously were going to do
it anyways, though. It wasn't a request... but it was very nicely done.
Pretty much in the same way as "Times". Just perfect without being special.

Highway 61 Revisited

Followed Bob's introduction of the band and rocked as usual. Long twin solo
before the last verse - great!


 Love Sick

Solid. Not much more to say about it (again)

 Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35

Yet another horrid version of this one with the houselights on..

 It Ain't Me Babe (acoustic)

No harp unfortunately, but probably the best song of the night. Even though
Bob's singing was kinda weak all throughout the set, it was sweet and gentle
and just very nice on this one.

 Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)

Yet another very good vocals performance. Seemed as if he just had warmed up
when the show was already over...

100 minutes, approx. 13,000 people in an ugly building, Bob-by-numbers but
happy faces all around... that's the plain facts for Bob's 1,000th show
since June 1988. Thanks for reading, see you in hot and sunny Darwin on

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