Missoula, Montana

Ogren Park
Allegiance Field

August 31, 2010

[Fred Robinson]

Review by Fred Robinson

Bob has done a total of 9 shows in Montana and I have seen them all.  I've never
been disappointed.  Last night was the same except that after hearing the
current version of AATWT with a freewheelin' Charlie Sexton in Billings a few
weeks ago, I was hoping that they would do it again for the encore.  But there
is no way I am going to be critical of Bob and this band with all the shows and
all the improvising and all the songs in the repertoire.  Not to mention this is
the rockingest bluesy guitar show for a "folk legend" that you can possibly
imagine-except maybe for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band backing him up at
Newport.  I miss some of the old traditional Ralph Stanley type stuff that they
did when Larry Campbell was still with the band, but I love what they have
replaced it with.  And the last time I saw the show, before Charlie came back,
the band, though still rockin', seemed a little more Nashville and a little
closer to what you expected to hear.  Not that that is a bad thing, but it is
nice to hear a fresh, perhaps looser, sound.   And I liked Charlie before, but
now he has really taken center stage and it is interesting watching him covering
the stage, nodding to the band members and sound crew,  alert to all of the
instruments and what Bob is doing. He seems to have a little trouble with the
power  cords, though, maybe because of all the moving around he does.  Donny in
the background, but versatile and integral, playing off  Bob on the key board,
seems to be enjoying himself.  Stu is doing his job-workmanlike,  and steady. 
Tony, also steady and alert, maybe a little less the director now that Charlie
seems to have taken on that role.  And of course, George-you don't see much of
him, but you sure hear him.  What a band!  And Bob, a little more guitar than in
Billings, but still doing the keyboard, and then also front center for harmonica
 and vocals.  His mannerisms, enunciation, and timing. Still unmistakably Dylan.
 Love it.  Maybe I can get out to Yakima in a couple days.  Can't make Post
Falls tonight-darnit.

Now, one complaint-I have seen Bob in Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls, and Big
Sky.  What's wrong with Helena?  We have a minor league baseball park too.  How
about next summer?

Just a word or two about Mellencamp-good guy, good show and good band.  But the
show was nearly identical, down to the conversation with the crowd, to the show
in Billings.  And his voice....he had to have the crowd do his singing for him. 
That didn't happen with Dylan.  (just kidding to the good people Mellencamp fans
next to me).

Fred Robinson


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