Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 09/01/98


September 1,, 1998

Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Thanks to Carsten Wohlfeld for the following review:

Well, this one will be short and sweet cause it's late at night... The
show was close to selling out with about 9,000 people attending. Matt Walker
and Ashley Davies get better and better every night and their set was quite
well received. Patti was a bit less talkative than in townsville but just as
good. Ghostdance started off a terrific set that included "Wicked Messenger",
"Waiting Underground", a ery nice rendition of "Southern Cross", a superb
"Memento Mori"/"Not Fade Away" and a big singalong to "Peope Have The Power"
at the end. She shook a few hands and threw some roses into the audience
which a certain member of the crowd (from Sydney) liked very much.

Bob and band took to the stage at 9.20pm, with Dylan waering his best
(grey) suit. His singing was very strong and louder than usual all night, but
somehow he didn't seem to connect with the crowd at all, even though the usual
facial expressions were all there.

> Maggie's Farm

Nice version mainly due to Bob's good singing. Bucky on peal steel instead
of acoustic guitar.

> Man In Me

Nice to hear and especially since it was very well sung. The end was new
and improved just built up very well. A real treat.

> Cold Irons Bound

Probobaly one of the best versions ever, Bob's strong singing fitted in
very well with the band's playing. The guys just hit a perfect groove tonight.

> Born In Time

One of his best song, again very well done. Differently than before, with
Bob using his gentle 'old man" Frank Sinatra voice. Interesting.

> Can't Wait

was solid. Today I noticed than Larry is imitating the Jimi Hendrix guitar
sound ("Electric Ladyland era") for this song. That's waht it reminds me of
anyways. Pretty cool.

> Silvio

Is getting faster and faster and that's probably why I like it better in
Oz than the recent rendtions from Europe.

> Stone Walls And Steel Bars (acoustic)

This song doesn't do much for me, the vocal harmonies are always nice to
heara though.

> It's All Over Now Baby Blue (acoustic)

Without a doubt the highpoint of the show, if not the whole tour so far!
Very, very slow version, loooong instrumental intro, beautifully sung. This
is one of the songs that suits Bobs current voice best, IMHO. Tony didn't use
the bow for the bass though. Would've been even better then!

> Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) 

was "Tangled". Harp at the end. Enough said.

> Blind Willie McTell

I had to think of the show in Essen where I had more fun watching the
excitement in Uta's and Christoph's faces than listening to the song. Tonight it
was Irwn next to me who was smiling from one ear to the other when Bob
started singing. I hought it was a superb version (even though Bob forgot the
words once), but Ray didn't like it. Hmmm...

> I Shall Be Released

Would've been thehighlight of the night if they would've gotten it right
but they scrwed up the intro already and Bob can't really singthis great song
anymore. A pity. Band intros followed, his only talking apart from one
"thanks evrybody".

> 'Til I Fell In Love With You

Was good especially since Tony was  going totally mad dancing his as off
during this song. A few bows and back stage they went

> Love Sick

Another splendid rendition, I cannot recall when I heard Bob sing it
better before!

> Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35

oh well...

> Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)

Surprisingly good rendition with amazingly good singing. Bob seemed to be
really into it. Best of the 20 or so versions I heard since June without a

> Highway 61 Revisited

Now I won't go so far to say it was better than Mercury Lounge but it came
very close!

> Forever Young (acoustic)

Very gently sung, yet another unexpected highlight.

All in all perhaps the most perfect show from both patti and Bob, who
played for about 105 minutes tonight. Low on real surprises though!

We all travel on to Sydney now, see you there! Goodnight!

Carsten Wohlfeld

"love can be suicide" (beatles) 


Thanks to Ron Ellis for the following review:

Out here in Brisbane, Australia, we don't see Bob much (66, 78, 86, 92,98) and even that's
better than most "superstars" give us.

Anyway, in '92 I witnessed one of those truly AWFUL shows where some drunk got up on stage
with his garage band and pretended to be Dylan.  So it was with some trepidation I
approached this one (after all the guy's another six years older, etc etc), and Carsten's
reviews of previous Australian shows indicated Bob was doing such good shows that poor old
Brisbane must be due for a stinker.

My fears were unfounded - what a great, great show!

Maggies Farm was obviously a warm-up, Dylan just shouts out the opening line of each verse
then lets his natural sense of "rhythm" get the rest of the words out some time before the
next verse is due.  After that, Bob and the band got right into it.

The Man in Me was beautiful and showed Bob's voice seems to have got 20 years younger  It
was so strong and clear..

Cold Irons Bound was better than on TOOM (but I'm not over-wrapped in the song either way)
with interesting opening feedback from the guitars to start it all off on a good tone.

Regular concert-goers tend to rubbish Silvio, but to people like me who haven't seen it it's
a real blast.  Bob seems to be intent on becoming a guitar hero these days!

The acoustic stuff really took off.

It's All Over Now Baby Blue was absolutely stunning - the voice, the arrangement, the
playing all added up to something really special.

Tangled Up in Blue was a really adventurous arrangement which sounded, at times, as if
they'd lost it but I think it was al deliberate myself.  This featured a harp solo.  Hey! 
Nobody has mentioned what harp solos are these days - Bob puts down the guitar and turns
into a dancing, harp-playing fool - it's great fun.

and then he just blew my mind:  Blind Willie McTell.

Well if "nobody could sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell", then nobody can sing about
blues singers like Bob can - what a wonderful performance!  (of course, I claim credit for
him doing the song here - he's aware of how that song has kept me going for the last few
years and obviously sensed the vibes when he hit town!)

I Shall be Released showed, I thought, that his voice seems to be nearly as good as if ever

Lovesick was better than on TOOM and gave Bob another chance to play guitar hero.

Rainy Day Women was the crowd pleaser, apparently as usual.  I thought it was pretty shitty
(that song NEEDS the trombone like on the original)

Blowing in the Wind sounded like a new song!
Finished off with Forever Young done superbly.

Obviously I have nothing to compare it with, but I'd say we witnessed one of Bob's great
concerts of the decade here.  (certainly compensated for '92 in my eyes at least)



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