Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 09/17/98


September 17, 1998

Kahului, Maui, Hawaii
Maui Arts and Cultural Center
Alexander and Baldwin Amphitheater

Thanks to Carsten Wohlfeld for the following review:

Hello and welcome to the start of Bob's US Fall tour in beautiful Hawaii.
Maui is a beautiful place, not at all touristy and a very good place to
chill out. Last time Bob and crew played here six years ago they did both "Idiot
Wind" and "Visions Of Johanna". Tonight they did a very conversative set
that most of the about 3,000 people attending still loved. Thanks to Lauren,
Amy, Jack and Ian who wento to the show with me. They liked it much more than
me, just because I didn't appreciate the very set too much. It was a pretty
good show still. It took place in what was bascially the backyard of the
excellent Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Why they call it an Amphithaeter, I
don't know. It's basically a lwan with some temporary bleechers in the back and
some palmtrees on either side of the stage. Very strange place to see
Dylan. A nice cool breeze all night we got as well. We missed the local support
cat and arrived just in time for Bob and crew to take the stage at around

 Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

Was the opener as expected and it was apparent from the start that the
sound would only be half decent right in the front. For the rest of the venue
it was probably the most mushy sound I ever heard at a Dylan show.
Fortunately, I was able to get down to the front pretty early even though the security
was pretty tight and there was *no* stagerush at all!

 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

Was as average as "Pillbox" was. Mainly due to the bad sound (Coach wasn't
at the board tonight either), but also cause Dylan and band didn't move an
inch for the fisrt few songs.

 Cold Irons Bound

All the people stayed in their seats, which meant that this was a pretty
dull crowd as well as a not very exciting performance. Bob whispered
something into Tony's ear at the start of this song, no idea what it was.

 Just Like A Woman

Fisrt song that got the crowd started even though I personally was sick
and tired of hearing it. "Now we gonna play something of this new record" I
hear Bob say after the song:

 Can't Wait

Started out slow and boring but got better towards the end. Still Bob
sounded tired (despite the five day break since the end of the Pacific tour) and
this was definitely one of the lesser attempts on this song.


Went down very well with the crowd and was actually very enjoyable despite
the sound being espacially bad on this one.

 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic)

was "don"t Think Twice". No harp, no extras.

 The Times They Are A-Changin' (acoustic)

Was one of the few highlights tonight as it appeared to be one of the few
songs Dylan actually seemed to enjoy singing.

 Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

Same old song. Dylan forgot the lyrics to two verses which obviously
didn't approve the performance. Larry grabbed the electric guitar after this one,
but Bob wanted to add another acoustic song.

 Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic)

How Dylan could forget the "Mama take this badge..." line is beyond me,
but he did indeed forget it. Otherwise it was a lovely performance. You just
can't beat the "female" backing vocals. Gotta love it!
 She Belongs To Me

*Yawn* didn't change one bit from the million times I heard it before.
Quick band intros followed

 Til I Fell In Love With You

was "Til I Fell...". A couple of bows and they were gone. Tony danced his
lil funky dance as usual. Nice to see as always.

 Love Sick

Wasn't the showstopper is usually is. Sad but true.

 Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35

Actually a rather good performance with Bucky playing a rare solo.

 Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)

One of the few unlikely highlights. Bob seemed to put all the energy that
was missing during the rest of the show into this one.

 Highway 61 Revisited 

Yet another pretty hot version. Bob just seemed to get started towards the
end of the show.

 Forever Young (acoustic)

Mucxh loved by the audience (of course) and one of the better performances
of this one. 

So we got a very good 105 minute show under the stars that was nearby
perfect musically but lacked any excitement and magic. Good one if you nevr seen
him before or onlt a few times (all the people I went to the show with
loved it), but a pretty disappointing set if you see a lot of shows.
Setlist-wise Honululu is probably gonna be better. 16 down, one to go. See you all for
one more review in a couple of days. Thanks for reading. Thanks to the staff
of the Nothshore Inn for the fun stay on Maui!

Carsten Wohlfeld


Thanks to James Constantine for the following review:

Just got back from our vacation in Kahana, Maui, where we had the great
fortune of seeing Bob Dylan.  The show was held on the lawn of the Maui Arts
and Cultural Center.  With the waves crashing on the beach a short 100 yards
from the stage, this palm tree lined perfomance site was one of the most
intimate places that we've ever experienced Dylan.  While the capacity is said
to be 5000 people, I can't imagine more than maybe 3000 mellow folks coming
out on a balmy Thursday night.  The stage was located under a small metal
shack that gave the more of the feeling of a bluegrass festival or revival
meeting rather than a rock show.  We were also fortunate to have local musical
legend Ledward Ka'apana open the show.  Ka'apana is one of Hawaii's finest
slack key guitar masters and  Dylan's band; Larry Campbell, Bucky Baxter, and
David Kemper, caught his show from the side of the stage.   Ka'apana is said
to be one of Dylan's favorite artists right now playing his CD's on the bus
during the tour. Ka'apana played a mix of traditional Hawiian folk tunes,
including an acoustic rave up of "Pipeline."  After Ka'apana's set, Dylan and
company came out amid some funky strobe lights.  Despite what has been
mentioned, we found the sound and the perfoprmance to be superb.  Opening
strong with "Leapard Skin Pillbox Hat," Dylan wasted no time in displaying
some top notch guitar playing while his voice rang strong and true.  The
crowrd was mellow to say the least, but "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With
You," was very well recieved.  Dylan wore the same black outfit; black shirt
with black string tie, that he wore when we last saw him in San Jose in May.
Dylan also enjoyed the same great response for "Just Like A Woman."  While he
had problems occationally delivering the lyrics, he compensated with some
really pronouced vocal rearrangements that more than made up for the
ocaasional lyrical miscues.  "Cold Irons Bound," may be auguably the finest
rocker that Dylan has ever written and he certainly delivered the goods
playing some of the nastiest guitar licks, (and I mean this in a positive
sense) that I've ever heard him play.  There was a similarity among this song
and others that he performed from Time Out of Mind at this show, notably;
"Can't Wait," and "'Till I Fell In Love with You."  The acoustic segment was
equally as fullfilling as Dylan broke out old chestnut, "Don't Think Twice,"
"The Times They Are A Changin'' "Tangled Up In Blue," and "Knockin on Heaven's
Door."   While we had great seats up front and center, we moved directly to
the side of the stage for part of the set.  From this vantage, a close 15 feet
from Dylan, is usually closer than you get "backstage" at a concert, however,
in Maui this was just part of the general admission area.  Dylan looked over
at us and grinned broadly at us just prior to performing an electric "She
Belongs To Me."  There was nothing routine about this rendition as Dylan gave
the performance of his life.  The encores were equally as satisfying.  During
"Love Sick," Dylan sang through a "green bullit" microphone, giving his vocal
a rougher than usual effect.  "Rainy Day Woman," finally brought the Maui
crowrd to their feet cheering for more and Dylan certainly was in no rush to
leave Maui.  "Blowin' In The Wind," was simply as great a song that I've ever
heard him sing.  Dylan even managed to high step his way through "Highway 61
Revisited," reeling off soaring guitar solos while strutting a mean dance
step.  To close the evening, Dylan sang "Forever Young," that really hit the
spot. We consider ourselves to be very lucky to get the chance to see Dylan up
close and personal unlike his performances at the big amphiteaters on this
side of the Pacific. Obviously Dylan prefers it too and he appeared anxious to
stick around and play.


James Constantine

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