Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 09/19/98


September 19, 1998

Honolulu, Hawaii
University Of Hawaii At Manoa
Arthur L. Andrews Outdoor Theatre

Thanks to Carsten Wohlfeld for the following review:

Two days on from the performance on Maui Bob played a terrific venue at  
the University of Hawaii tonight. The Andrews Amphitheater, right on  
campus, is a lovely little Amphitheater, that holds just about 3,500  
people, about 1,000 of them on the lawn. "Tonight's performance is sold  
out" the sign outside proudly proclaimed and indeed the crowd seemed to be  
be much more suitable for a Rock N Roll show than the lamers in Maui  
(sorry guys, that's what I thought... see Eric Clapton next time, please).  
Led Kaapana opened with his unusual blend of blues, counrtr and native  
hawaiian sounds and funny coververisons of "Killing Me Slowly" (sic) and  
"Sweet Georgia Brown".

Bob and crew arrived at 8.00pm and you could see them arrive cause there  
was no balck curtain in the back...weird. Bob was very moody tonight and  
that was apparant as soon as he launched into:

        Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

One second he gaves us his biggest grin, the next he was rolling his eyes,  
apparently cause he didn#t liked the band#s performance too much.  
"Pillbox" seemed to have an extended solo and sounded much better as I was  
standing in the front row. I never like this from the back, but when you  
actually can 'feel' the sound it's quite alright. Lary had new speakers,  
Matchless instead of Vox tonight, would be interesting to see if this was  
only a one off...

        Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

AGAIN! Bob seemed to enjoy this one alot, lots of smiles all around. The  
whole show had a kind of rehersal atmosphere too it, very laid back. Also,  
Bob wasn#t playing guitar much at all (more of that later).

        Cold Irons Bound

was "Bound".

        Simple Twist Of Fate

Grrreat version, even though was struggeling with the first geetar solo a  
bit. He left his troubles behind quickly and this became a looong,  
showstopping performance. "Big Girl Now" was the cuesheets alternate.

        Can't Wait

Faster than usual and a cooking version as well. Excellent


was "Silvio" and it was here that Bob stopped playing guitar for large  
parts of the song, something he continued for most of the latter part of  
the show.

        Stone Walls And Steel Bars (acoustic)

was "Stone Walls".

        Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic)

Bob stopped playing guitar in the middle of a verse a couple of time and  
Larry had trouble filling in the unexpected "soundholes".

        Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

Tony wanted to walk over to Larry with his speedometer to make sure Larrz  
doesn#t start this too fast, but as Tony has halfway there Larry had  
already started :-) This became a very strange performance as Bob hardly  
played guitar at all and Larry didn#t really know if he was supposed just  
to play the rhythm or the solos as well. Bob seemed to be very angry at  
Bucky tonight and after not having played guitar at all during his first  
too solo spots he walked over to Bucky, talked to him (all this while the  
band was playing the song!), Bucky stopped playing altogether and Bob  
finally played his solo. Very strange, if you ask me!

        It Ain't Me Babe (acoustic)

Was chosen over "My Back Pages" and "Baby Blue" which was a pity but this  
was a lovely soft performance anyways complete with the long slow ending.  
No harp though. Halfway through the song Bob shouted something over to  
Bucky. I for one didn#t haer him play too bad, but Bob obviously begged to  

        I Shall Be Released

was "Released". "Blind Willie" was a possible alternate, according to the  
cuesheet :-( The band intros followed. "On guitar - Larry  
Campbell...(mumble) way back when...(mumble) maybe I#m not supposed to  
mention...(mumble) [break for applause], on drums David Kemper [break for  
applause], on mandolin and steel guitar Bucky Baxterandonbass Tony [note:  
no break for applause, which evenually made him stop after Tony cause  
people were clapping anyways] Garnier. I think he deliberately didn't stop  
after Bucky cause he was unhappy with his playing. What he said about  
Larry was impossible to make out for me. Maybe the tapes will tell.

        Til I Fell In Love With You

Bob was more yelling than singing this one and while the band was still  
playing the outro he put away the guitar, took a few bows and left the  

        Love Sick

Bob's guitar playing was very loud on this one, I saw it as an attempt to  
have Bucky#s steel guitar buried in the muddy sound. Again he was rolling  
his eyes at Bucky even though I didn't hear Bucky play anything else or  
worse than usual.

        Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35

It actually started raining at the beggining of this song, which was quite  
funny. It stopped in time for the song's end as well.

        Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)

Slow and veeery nice, together with "Simple Twist" one of the unlikely  
highlights of the night!

        Highway 61 Revisited

An obvious choice, also because the Hawaiian Highway 61 was just a few  
blocks down the road! Bob seemed to have some trouble with his solo and  
the performance seemed to be shorter than usual. Again he left the stage  
before the song was over.

        Forever Young (acoustic)

A little bit rusty but a nice way to end the show anyways. After the song  
they disappeared backatage and for a moment it looked as if they would  
return. Tommy had put Bob's guitar back on stage, but after a long wait  
the lights finally came on and the show was over.

105 minutes, a very enthusastic, rather young crowd, a weird Dylan  
performance, that, I say it again had a lot of a rehearsal with all the  
looks and talking and Bob's non existant guitar playing but I for one  
enjoyed it much more than the trying-to-be-peffect greatest hits shows we  
got in Auckland or Maui. This show probably ranks as one of the three most  
enjoyable I've seen over the last six weeks, even though I'm not quite  
sure if that will come across on tape as well. As always, thanks for  
reading. This will be my last review for a while, thanks for all the kind  
notes and all the criticism as well. As long as it doesn#t come from some  
useless bozo who's jealous cause I'm having fun seeing so many shows any  
remarks are more than welcome. I'm sure I'll be back rather sooner than  
later, so please stay tuned :-) Special thanks to Will and the people at  
the Northshore Inn, I had a great time with you guys :-)

carsten wohlfeld
"well a man has two reasons for things that he does, the first one is pride
and the second one is love" (hüsker dü)

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