The Edge

September 23, 1995

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Review by Christine Consolvo: (posted to on 9/24/95)

Well, no, as you've heard, it was no Toad's Place. It will do very
nicely nonetheless. Quite an experience. First, I've got to tell you
about the club it was held in--The Edge. Very different. Can't say
when it was built or for what purpose. Some one said (Rich?), but I
can't remember. Some kind of club from the 50's (?) with lots of bars,
brick patios and it used to have a pool which is now filled with
concrete. It was two-story with balcony/deck all around. Many, many
windows and windowed doors which have since been, I assume,
vandalized, then replaced with plyboard painted black. When the taxi
let me off there, I thought it must be the wrong place. It looked as
if it hadn't been open for any type of business in many years. The
name-The Edge-was nowhere to be found. In a very seedy part of town
where everyone either appeared homeless or was driving limited edition
Mercedes. I had many moments of uneasiness as I waited 5 1/2 hours for
the doors to open. Anyway, the doors did finally open. I was the first
inside and had two choices of vantage point. Either in the "pit" right
in front of the stage-just standing room, no chairs or tables-or on
the sides which were raised and you would probably be able to see a
bit better, but would be farther away. I chose the pit. At about 9:20
Bob hit the stage and opened with Real, Real Gone. What a great
choice! Everyone was blown away immediately. I won't comment on every
song, but will mostly make more general comments on my perceptions. He
seemed to be in one of his animated, almost jovial moods. This is
relatively speaking, of course. As it went on it seemed to be a kind
of tribute to Jerry Garcia as you can see from the setlist Bill
posted. Maggie's Farm seemed (to me) to be about the same tempo as
recent renditions, yet it was completely different. Can't quite put my
finger on it. I'll leave that to others. Silvio was just as they've
been doing it, but I think it was included as part of the tribute I
mentioned. Was it my imagination or did he get a very strange, pained
look on his face as he sang "Silvio, silver & gold won't buy back the
beat of a heart grown cold. Silvio, I gotta go find out something only
dead men know"? Every acoustic number was sung with indescribable
sweetness and light. Heartbreaking and heart mending all at once.
Facial expressions, especially of his mouth/lips were almost
exaggerated...and precious. Confidential To did he pick this?
Did he know what it would do to us? Hopefully I didn't stand watching
with my mouth hanging open... J. J. was once again left to play mostly
rhythm. On the acoustic Tangled there appeared to be a definite Garcia
influence in his guitar playing. Sounded great! And the vocals...she
froze up insiiiiiide! He also really ripped it up in an extended
ending to Key to the Highway. The two last songs he played, With God
On Our Side & Highway 61, sounded like quintessential versions to
these ears. Unbelievable. It all ended much too quickly, yet there
were very few complaints. We knew we'd seen some things that may not
be seen again. If it could only have gone on forever...

Just thought I'd mention it...


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