September 28,1995
Sunrise Music Theater
General Observations

(posted to on September 29, 1995 by Richard Pearlman)

Sorry I don't have the setlist, but I've got some general observations/ comments of a non musical vairety. Thursday night, after the acoustic set, security allowed (encouraged, even) three young women to dance in front of the front row. After a while more people were allowed to join them. Security actually seemed to be auditioning people to come to the front of the theater, I saw at least one older (40-ish) man be turned away and eventuall escorted out of the theater. I presume this guy was a big fan- he had a shirt on from the March/April Europe shows and told me he was at Wednsdays show-- maybe he reads rmd and can shed some light on this. Anyway, it seemed really weird, they even let a number of people onstage to hug and shake hands w/ Dylan. At one point JJ Jackson was acting as a body guard- very odd. If anyone can offer some insight or knowledge into these strange, seemingly scripted, events, it would be appreciated

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