Gothenburg, Sweden

September 29, 2022

[Laurette Maillet], [Lena Geiser], [Neil Hunt]

Review by Laurette Maillet


Gothenburg.The FLIXBUS from Stockholm was a regular green/orange
one. Seven hours later I arrived in good shape in Gothenburg. I
catch a tram to reach the house of Modi , my couchsurfing host from Irak.
He prepared for me a hamburger and fries :) Thanks!The apartment is
spotless and soccer is on the large flat Arabic :)The bed is
cozy and I sleep sound until morning.September 29th.Modi has no work today
(he's a barber).As I mentioned humus, Modi will prepare an Iraki brunch;
salad of tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and eggs and humus and a large
Lebanese piece of bread (flat galette). A strong cup of chai tea. My first
good meal since long.I then spend some hours reading my book as it's still
cold outside.By 2 pm I catch the tram for downtown and walk to the
Scandinavium arena. Again a huge sport arena. I've been here before!I hang
around until 6pm. Don't see any of the crew or Band people.Again thanks to
my good friend Bjørne-Tore I have a ticket for tonight. I try to
sell my paintings and I am recognized by one of my "fans" :). But nothing
more :(By 7pm, I step in.I move straight to the 'parkett' and stand by the
last row expecting to stand here and enjoy the show all by myself. The two
last rows will be empty all show long. I will be able to do my karaoke and
my dance.10 minutes before 8 pm, Jason takes is position at the soundboard
and waves me hello :)I feel happy and will really enjoy that
show.7.59pmAll is as usual on stage but I am up above the crowd that
doesn't seem to be alive.No guitar tonight.Bob says "thank you" (even
"thank you Art lovers" after 'masterpiece')few times and moves twice
center stage at the beginning, but then will stick to the piano.
Mute.(except for singing :) )The audience reacts to "I'll be your baby
tonight" and some applause after "serve somebody" but nothing to be too
much enthusiastic about :(The presentation of the Band is quick (maybe a
little joke on Doug???).I am doing karaoke on "every grain of sand" when
suddenly Bob says "stop!". The Band stops playing as they may believe it's
for them.But Bob mentions a blue light in the audience. He says something
like "we have that blue light in our face, stop it now"????. Someone was
taking photo or video??Then they start again the second verse of "every
grain of sand".Maybe for some kind of apology Bob will play twice the
harp, a long solo! That was a nice apology! :)For me ...the best show
so far. Just because I was back to the good old shows where it was
permitted to move and sing :):)???I wish for more actions/reactions from
the crowd. But when I talk to people out after the show, they say "every
body wants the old songs, with the old versions". Maybe not everyone and
maybe not everywhere but here in seemed like it!Well! For
me it was a great day and a great show.Now people! Stop flashing your blue
light on his face!:)See you on the road!


Comments by Lena Geiser


I jumped on that train, Old Black Magic, and took a breathtaking trip
through the landscapes of Bob Dylan. Slowly slowly upwards and
whooosh…..downhill again. There were rivers and scenes painted like
masterpieces, there were horror, more horror and soothing love. Miss Pearl
made here enterance and the rhythmic sound of industries lulled us
pleasantly. We saw the best of Key West and said godbye to Jimmy Reed,
indeed.  I cried when the train slowed down and that heavenly tune of
harmonica  was heard and I comprehended that every beat was numbered just
like every grain of sand.

With love to the Train driver and his crew

Lena Geiser 


Review by Neil Hunt


So some people say he can’t sing. I think that was always nonsense
but there’s no doubt that at over 80 his singing voice is now a bit
rough. But he still gave us a marvellous full two hour concert. 
His band is excellent. They look terrific dressed in black against a
gold backdrop. Superb silhouettes. They are tight, musical, inventive
and totally protective of their boss. 
He sits nearly all night behind his piano. Has he become even shyer? 
He’s pretty well hidden even from our seats in row 5. At one point
seeing a blue light in the crowd, he actually ducks down out of sight
for a few moments. He’s never been a mover but when he does stand up
he looks more like Chaplin than ever. A thin man.

He plays hard and often really well but the band neatly cover for his
slips whilst also stepping back when he wants to solo. Especially when
he wants to soar so beautifully on the harmonica on Every Grain of Sand
with which he closed - and which genuinely was so perfect it brought
tears to my eyes. 
Otherwise it was largely material from his last album. An album about
the end. He’s frail but he delivered with purpose and with a good
smile on his face. 
He seems to have created a new style all of his own - a space to
deliver his fierce poetry in stark, rasping tones that allow some
melody but more often come with a threat. It’s big drama. 
Old songs - To Be Alone with You, You Go Your Way, I’ll Be your Baby,
When I Paint My Masterpiece - are of course unrecognisable until
several lines in. But all sung with genuine commitment. And a fab bit
of swing on Ol Black Magic had everyone laughing. 
Ok I’m a nutter but this was genius. One more reinvention after
what…eight or nine already? He won’t be with us much longer and he
knows it but it’s astonishing that this old boy is still this good.
Truly great tonight. I bloody love him.’

Neil Hunt


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