Tampa Review

(posted to rec.music.dylan on Oct. 2, 1995 by Keith Brewster)

Thought I would give my personal review of Saturdays show in Tampa. I won't post the set list because it has already been posted by Bill Pagel and I'm to lazy to do it. The show was held at the USF Sun Dome, which is a domed basketball arena. It holds about 10,000 when configured for a concert. There were approx. 5,000 in attendance for the show. This created a lot of empty space in the upper portions of the arena which seemed to cause a slight echo on the vocals, at least from where I was sitting. Bob was wearing his gold lame' shirt, black pants with strip down the leg; no hat, no glasses. Here is some thoughts on the songs that stick out in my mind, 2 days after the fact. Watchtower:: Still in the number 3 slot. This is where the concert really kicked into gear. Version similar to the R-N-R HoF show. They really have this song on auto pilot, very good and hard rockin. Man the Long Black Coat:: A spooky, haunting musical arrangement with a deep, heavy bass that entered through your chest and really grabed hold. Bob sang in a smooth, flowing voice; a really great version, the best I've heard; although I've only heard 2 other versions. One of the highlites of the show. Silvio:: Song rocked from the opening and just kept building. By the end they were REALLY ROCKING. Mr. Tambourine Man (a):: Crowd let out a roar when Bob sang first line. I wasn't really into the song until the end when Bob pulled out the harmoncia. With his guitar hanging from his neck, one hand holding harmonica and mic, and one hand waving free he played a great run that started slowly and kept building to the finish. Obviously 5 Believers:: With Dicky Betts. This was an outstanding version of that song. Crowd was rocking, band was rocking, guitars wailing. This was the point where the concert started to turn into a guitar fest. Ramblin' Man:: With Dicky Betts. (1st encore) The crowd roared when Betts played the opening guitar rif to this song. Bob and Dicky sang together on the opening verse, Dicky sang alone in the middle, and both together again to finish the song. The whole band singing the chorse throughout. Betts played an awesome lead guitar solo in the middle, followed by an equaly great solo by John Jackson. John was very gracious in allowing Betts plenty of room for guitar solos and leads during all there numbers together, they both appeared to be having a great time playing off of each other. A guitar feast extrodinair. It ain't me Babe:: (a) (2nd encore) Bobs playing gave the song somewhat of a banjo sound. A very uplifting sound. With the band still playing, Bob takes off his guitar, strolls back to pick up a harminca off of one of the amps, walks up and removes the mic and starts to play an incredible 3-4 minute harmonica run. He was really playing with everything had. He must have sold his sole to the harmonica god. That ended the 2nd encore. I felt that the show was over right there, nothing could have toped that. If the house lights had come on I would have been completly satisfied, but that was not to be. Rainy Day Woman:: (3rd encore) Betts returns. Bob only sang 2 verses of the song with the crowd shouting out Every-Body-Must-Get-Stoned with fists pumping into the air. The rest of the song was an all out guitar battle, absolutely screaming. It felt like they were going to tear the roof off the place. Concert ended almost exactly 2 hours after its start. A truely fantastic show. Having Dicky Betts sit in really turn the intensity level up a notch. I hope they bring him along for the Orlando show on Thursday.

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