October 14,1995
Mississippi Coast Coliseum

General Observations

(posted to rec.music.dylan by Richard Batey & Joseph Cliburn on Oct.15,1995)

A pretty strong performance to a crowd of only about 2000. Richard's opinion is that the Jacksonville performance was better (he saw that show as well) but some of the difference was the venue. I of course had little basis for comparison... The recent trend toward folks getting onstage with Dylan reached a new height! At this point, suffice to say that a certain young woman came down front during Gates of Eden (before the stage rush) & lifted her dress, revealing an interesting selection of undergarments. J.J. was naturally impressed. During the 1st encore, two girls got onstage & were allowed to dance between J.J. & Dylan. They seemed a bit embarrassed after a while & started trying to light a cigarette to no avail. A couple of men got on-stage & were hustled off quickly. I didn't note that besides their gender, the girls did not *touch* Dylan. Then during Rainy Day Women, the woman who had earlier got J.J.'s attention pitched her panties onstage. Almost immediately the heroic Mr Jackson was at the apron of the stage hoisting her up. She slinked around J.J. & flashed the audience a few times. I think an EDLIS Bush agent may need to be appointed! (Folks, if you wanna see Bob Dylan crack a smile, you need to see what he does when a women demonstrates her lack of undergarments to him in front of a couple thousand people.) I think she got to go to the apres concert party with the band ;-) It's late. I'll post other impressions later. A very good show. If you haven't seen Dylan live lately (or even if you have) & he is coming to your town, you owe it to yourself to go.

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