Mississippi Coast Coliseum

October 14, 1995

Biloxi, Mississippi

Information provided by Joseph Cliburn: (posted to rec.music.dylan on 9/26/95)

The Coast Coliseum is your common garden variety basketball arena. Full
seating is in the vicinity of 12,000. For the Dylan concert, the stage
will be set midway down the floor & the back half the hall curtained off.
The only show I've seen in a similar configuration was quite good
sound-wise. In the full-hall setup, there are sections where the sound
can be very poor.

Aside from the floor, there is telescope seating. Sections A & M would
be very good - probably right behind the soundboard. Sections 1-2 & 
27-28 are center section terrace seats. Sections K,L & 22-24 are stage
left; B, C, & 5-7 are stage right. Sections 3-4 & 25-26 are "in the
corners." Balcony sections are all double-letters (e.g., AA & BB). They're
six bucks cheaper & probably deserve to be ten bucks cheaper.

The venue has plenty of parking - probably $1.00 & is located on Hwy 90
on the beach. It is next door to Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson
Davis, president of the Confederacy. There is a beach across the highway
from the Coliseum.

As a general rule, the facility is clean, well air-conditioned, etc.

Those traveling long distances might check with travel agents to see if
any casinos are offering specials (lodging, meals, etc.). Sometimes these
are amazingly cheap & they throw in some free slot machine tokens with
the deal ;-)

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