Braunschweig, Germany

Volkswagen Halle

October 15, 2015

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

I catch the 12. 25 train from Berlin , going straight to Braunschweig. The
trip is only 1 hour and 25 minutes. I have a nice conversation with a
woman about economie and schooling. It is raining now. The sky is grey. I
walk 10 minutes to the address Boboleon (my French couchsurfing Host) gave
me. I found 2 persons in the apartment shared by 5. I relax until Boboleon
calls me and he tells me him and 2 of his friends are also going to the
show. We need just 1 ticket as Helmut gave me his and 2 have already
bought tickets. We chat a little bit about Bob and Boboleon drives us to
the venue. The venue is the Volswagen Halle as Braunschweig is the CITY of
Volswagen. All the economie here is based on car construction ; a German
Detroit. The venue is huge, the biggest so far. We have no problem buying
a ticket for Boboleon, a good seat for only 75€ ; a third row center.
Tickets are cheap. I heard Volswagen company is sponsoring the show. Could

I find myself all the way on the top. I could not be any farer. 
It is my 12th show on that Tour. 
It could have been boring but no, I feel more happy than ever. 
I am here where so many Fans would like to be. 
So in fact I represent the absentees! 
I am always thankfull to be inside the venue. 
Many people have been kind to me. 
Thank you, the good hearted people! 
And I forgive you...the others! 

Stu is on time, so is Bob. 
The sound is good for such a big place. 

It starts all the same. 
1. "Things have changed" is dear to Bobby's heart. The Oscar must be on
stage, somewhere. 2. "She Belongs To Me". One from the past. 'For
Halloween give her a trumpet And for Christmas, buy her a drum'. 3.
"Beyond Here Lies Nothin". Always my favourite. I can't stop moving on my
chair. I just hope I could stand up and dance. I do, at times. 4.
"Melancholy Mood". oh! What a surprise! A long intro by the Band before
Bob takes the mike. Jazzy and sweet. Do it again Bobby. I LOVE it. 5.
"Duquesne Whistle". A little mistake on some lyrics. It is not the first
time. Beware. I am on the watch! 6. "What'll I Do". Sweet and kind. 7.
"Pay In Blood". Less sweet and kind. Switching from kindness , melancholy
and love to ...more Bob Dylan harsh and angry! 8. "I'm A Fool To Want
You". And I will say that straight to you my Dear! 9. "Tangled Up In
Blue". This is the one the audience will recognize right away. No applause
tonight after the harp solo, when Bob moves to the piano for the last

The public is quiet, too much quiet! 


10. "High Water (For Charley Patton)". I regret one of the oldest versions
when it didn't realy end but started again and again. 11. "The Night They
Called It A Day". Not my cup of tea. 12. "Early Roman Kings". With Stu on
electric guitar it could be more interresting. Those marakas are weird. I
always stamp my feet and check my head on that one. 13. "Why Try To Change
Me Now". It could be a message to some Fans. 14. "Spirit On The Water". I
love it and sing it along. Bobby is doing alright on the piano. One of the
sweet Bobby's song. 'I wanna be with you in paradise And it seems so
unfair I can't go to paradise no more I killed a man back there'. A great
sense of humour lacking from the Sinatra songs. 15. "Scarlet Town". No
comment. He could do another one. 16. "All Or Nothing At All". Nice swing.
I like it. 17. "Long And Wasted Years". 'We cried on a cold and frosty
morn, We cried because our souls were torn So much for tears So much for
these long and wasted years' The opposite of the Sinatra mood. A tortured
mind. This is Zimmy Vs. Bobby. 18. "Autumn Leaves". Originaly a Jacques
Prevert poem. "C’est une chanson qui nous ressemble Toi, tu m’aimais
et je t’aimais Et nous vivions tous deux ensemble Toi qui m’aimais,
moi qui t’aimais Mais la vie sépare ceux qui s’aiment Tout doucement,
sans faire de bruit Et la mer efface sur le sable Les pas des amants
désunis. " The transcription is not fidel. (encore) 19. "Blowin' In The
Wind". Just to remind the public, who he is and where everything started.
20. "Love Sick". His most painful Love song but so true to each one and
every one. For there is always or there will always be such a situation in
a life time. For me, it is now. 

I wish I could have been a little bit closer. 
So far I had no chance to see his face. 
The audience was quiet, too much quiet. There was a little stir up on
"Tangled up in blue" but nothing hysteric. After the show we meet at the
merchandise stand. My friends did not recognize most of the songs. They
expected "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Hurricane". They are young and
disappointed. They will just say : 'yes I have seen Bob Dylan live' a
Legend. Like so many. We go back home. Boboleon and Hans need to get up
early next morning to work. Boboleon and I have a nice conversation in the
kitchen in French. We go to bed at 1 am. Thank you Bobby! 


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