Denver, Colorado

The Mission Ballroom

October 17, 2019


Review by Geoff

A great show in Denver last night! I miss Recile on drums, but Matt
Chamberlin did a fantastic job. He even got to do a bit of drum solo
during "Thunder on the Mountain." And Bob Britt is a great addition to the
band on guitar. I had assumed that Charlie Sexton was the lead and Birtt
was the rhythm guitar player, but Britt did as many and probably more
leads than Sexton. The opening song for the last few shows was "Beyond
Here Lies Nothing," and it seems that the band started to play that song
at the beginning of this concert too, but Bob started singing "Things Have
Changed." Some highlights of the show: I really loved the lyrics on
"Simple Twist of Fate." I've always thought "Lenny Bruce" was a goofy
song. It has a beautiful melody, but I could never get over some of those
silly lyrics. But it sounded stunning last night. Very sparse arrangement,
and Bob sang it with conviction. It was moving. A highlight of the show.
The arrangement of "Not Dark Yet" was my favorite part of the show. Great
chord changes that made it seem like a brand new Dylan song. Is there a
better song than "Soon after Midnight"? Bob was particularly energized
during "Pay in Blood." Bob's harp playing throughout the night was
melodic. His piano playing varied. Sometimes I wished that the sound guy
would turn down his piano because it's not always great. But other times
he was playing some straight-up old-school rock piano! The closing song
was a killer! Charlie really got to play some great blues licks during "It
Takes a Lot to Laugh." An energetic and surprising way to end the show.
The Mission Ballroom in Denver is a fairly new venue. The capacity is only
about 3,000. I was surprised that he didn't play somewhere bigger. But
it's a cool place, and even though it killed these old feet to stand that
long, I got to be close to the stage and watch Dylan fuss with his hair.
And I got a good look at the mannequins, so it was all worth it. Oh, and
the band intros were after "Pay in Blood" if that matters.


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