Regina, Saskatchewan

Brandt Centre

November 1, 2008

[Jay Levesque]

Review by Jay Levesque

I was at tonight's show in Regina and I was so excited...I haven't
seen Bob in 6 years, so it was long overdue! I entered the building 
and went and found my seat in the 2ND row of all places almost
right directly in line with Bob's keyboard. So I sat there and waited for
my brother and his wife to take their seats beside me. As I looked at the
stage and realized how freaking close I was and that Bob would be right in
front of me, all I could do was smile to myself! It was so cool, awesome
seats for my most favourite artist! So the announcement started and out
came the band in matching purple suits. Finally Bob came out to wild
applause and the front row standing. It was great to watch these guys
tonight! I could see the interplay between the band and the exchanging of
glances and eye contact, more so than I'd ever seen it before, being that
I was so close. All eyes were on Bob of course because they don't want to
miss any cues, but everybody should know that by now. I've never seen Bob
get out from behind the keyboard then go and start holding the mike and
singing upfront before! He did this for a couple of songs beginning with
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll and he did
it for part of I Don't Believe You as well. The band did unique versions
of Hollis Brown and Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll. I'm thinking maybe
they rehearsed and made up some new arrangements during their day off. Bob
had some awesome diamond rings on his fingers. Bling! Lonesome Death Of
Hattie Carroll was probably the highlight for me. He stood in front of his
50's style mic and crooned the song complete with what appeared to be rat
pack mannerisms. He was so cool. I love this band, they have a lot of fun
onstage it seems. Tonight they did anyway. Tony was smiling with Bob a few
times when Bob was doing something different on his keyboard. It seemed at
times that the Denny was almost going for a real western sound
during one of the Man With No Name music. There are so many
little nuances to what they do that unless you are a musician or huge
music fan, you wouldn't notice. It's good to see Donnie in the band...he
was in a great band before and he brings a lot to the table. But you know
what band he's from. I finally got to see Bob do Visions Of Johanna for
the first time in 4 concerts. This was a great show for me to see. I love
the setlist! Time went by so fast, I coulda stayed for 2 more hours.
Finally the show was over and it was time for the formation. You know,
there aren't cooler looking people than them when they are doing that
formation together! There were no smiles during this. They just stood
there looking cool. I sure wish I was in this band. Besides the Strangers,
there's no other band in the world for me. They're the best! Thanks Bob
and Company for a fun night out!! And I got to buy my touque for the

Jay Levesque 


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