Akron, Ohio

University of Akron
EJ Thomas Hall

November 2, 2010

[Daniel Chester]

Review by Daniel Chester

Leopard-Skin: solid opener, pretty well played.

Wheel: hard to pick out at first, harp was pleasing.

Beyond Here: cool sound, nice spot to play it.

Stuck Inside: pedestrian and harmless.

Spirit: lilting swing with a little walking bounce, treatmendous tune and
execution, the night's best moment.

Masters: Halloween-y and apocalyptic version, sung well, organ's best moment
of the night.

Summer Days: going from the Apocalypse to a Summer Day? Gotta love it, swung
mighty fine, Sexton's guitar shined.

Visions: always blessed to hear this one and at the same time thought the
organ detracted from potential acoustic alchemy. Pretty sure these last four
tunes were with stand-up bass which is where the strength of this band and
music stands tallest.

Cold Irons: always funky, delivered well.

Can't Wait: was not a huge fan and then what a marvelously swampy surprise,
second best number of the evening.

Highway: Highway Barney Fife? Milquetoast and awkward. Instead of burning
things down they were actually noodling at the end.

When the Deal: sweetly delivered.

Thunder: love the album version with that barrelhouse piano sound and yet
tonight was a speeding train that picked up more and more passengers (you
don't need no ticket), only problem is some great lyrics kinda get lost in
the rumble (I got the pork chops, she got the pie, she ain't no angel and
neither am I), could actually hear the bass for a change and it sounded
great, this sounded like 'Highway' should have.

Ballad of a Thin Man; always presented pretty well, good atmospherics, does
it always have fill such an important/anchor slot?

Jolene: alright but with all his masterpieces? 'Jolene'?

Like a Rolling Stone: not bad.

Overall, nectacular venue, sound solid for most part, some weaker mixes but
is it acoustics, soundboard, experimentation? Tough to say. Except for a
very disappointing Highway 61 the band had a nice night. Still digging the
evolving stage mannerisms of the leader when without an instrument (did I
spy some Al Jolson? WC Fields? Vic Damone?). Grateful for the experience.
Thanks, everybody P.S. Can you please play "Shelter" in Pittsburgh Sunday?


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