Herning, Denmark

Jyske Bank Boxen

November 2, 2011

[Marion], [Morten Ebert Larsen], [Lukasz Czepulkowski]

Review by Marion

Comparing Hamburg to Herning from the atmosphere in the hall during the
show(s), Hamburg was Mount Everest and Herning was Grand Canyon, deep down
under ! 

On my way back home I thought, when was the last time I've seen such a
sleepy audience before? It was in Scandinavia as well, was it Göteborg or
somewhere else? And hummmm, there was one Concert in Graz, another one one
year in Vienna...

I think it's a shame ! the musicians, first Mark and his Band, then Bob
and his band are playing their asses off and get nearly no reaction????
People sitting as if they're watching a movie??? Me and another trusty
bobcat tried to at least send a little bit of positive vibration. Bob
turned towards us in the middleblock six and seventh row, aisle seat
during the songs he sang from the middle-mike.

Singing ...hummmmm.....and again comparing Hamburg to Herning the latter
one was not as good as the first. Barkey-Crow was dominant today and his
tries of finding somekind of melody in Desolation Row were frankly (to my
ears) downright terrible. :-}

On the other hands there were wonderful melody-lines coming out of the
mouth J during Simple Twist Of Fate, Things Have Changed, the best was
Forgetful heart. This one seems to mean a lot to Bob himself..?

The audience was lamer, lamer , lamest, almost asleep? No idea. Well they
did give applause and maybe they meant it positive. But no one never did
stand up for it. Only me and the other bobcat. We tried to boogie a bit,
standing next to our aisle-seats but even that was not allowed! Securities
were a so to say.

Tiny little attempts of some 3 or four people to start somekind of
stagerush were blocked before they reached the rail, so bobcat and me did
not even try. She left before thunder on the mountains. I was thinking
about leaving, too, but that could be taken as: bah, bad music, so I
leave. And I did not want to send this message, so I stayed.

During LARS there was one woman coming from the side, dancing, her friend
followed, then I took a spot at the rail, a few others came down. Bob
turned away in some kind, he showed his back while looking more at Donnie
than at the now filled does that mean now?

And a lot of them people down here now were not ashamed to take fotos what did happen? Security was all over
the fence to grab them and that was enough for me.

I left, there's only a few concerts I left while he was still performing.
This was one of them, but not because I did not like the "show" but the
behavior of the people inside. Sorry, Bob....

I just hope he'll be strong to face maybe another 2 sleepy audiences in
Malmö and Stockholm.

Good luck, Bob and to Mark as well !

Btw, Bob was dressed in black today, black hat, jacket and pants with the
yellow stripes and again one of them ugly white-dotted shirts, Waaah, does
he really like those? But not together with black and yellw, Bob,

The Band was dressed in light jackets and matching pants. Mark looks like
me ;-) jeans and somekind of shirt... but his
guitarplaying...........wowwww !! I loved his style ever since I first
heard "Sultans of Swing" on TV, was that 1979? Can't remember but now
having both my favorite performers on one stage, and even together for a
few songs is mighty fine.



Review by Morten Ebert Larsen

What a night in Herning! I think Mark Knopflers set was a bit boring. Too
long arrangements - but also some higlights. It was clear that people
thought he would play more from the Dire Straits-period and they were not
on from the start - BUT: A thrilling experience to see Dylan. Bob was on
fire and the band was playing tight all night. A fast "Things have
changed" with Knofpler on guitar and a great "Missisippi". After Mark
Knopfler left the stage a little surprise came up - "Desolation row", one
of my favorits. "High Water" with the banjo was thrilling and Dylan played
some great solos on the harmonica. Maybe the biggest surprise came in the
eight slot with a sublime "Simple twist of fate". They nailed it!!!! It
could feel the goose bumps. "Forgetful heart" was stunning and emotional.
Before the last song, "Like a rolling stone" some people raised from their
seats and ran up just in front of stage. I saw that (from row 35) and I
ran up quite fast and ended up front row just in front of Bob. What a way
to end the night

Morten Ebert Larsen


Review by Lukasz Czepulkowski

During a foggy night in Herning I had my very first meeting with Dylan
performing live. At 7 P.M. Mark Knopfler embarked in a rather monotonous
trip, mostly across his recent compositions. After Brothers In Arms he
received a standing ovation and came back on the stage to play one more
song. Audience was fairly impressed by his show. Nevertheless, after 15
minutes of break, when my anxiety reached a peak we heard absolutely
brilliant intro about one artist, who is a devoted member of Columbia
Records community. He came on the stage like a bolt out of blue and has
started with Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat. Dylan was full of energy and his
flamboyant charm overpowered my soul from a very first word which was
uttered by him. Next song was Ain’t Me, Babe and a tremendous surprise-
Dylan on his Fender Stratocaster. Soon after, The Band came up with a hard
rocking version of Things Have Changed. Mississippi from Love and Theft was a
bombshell. Desolation Raw? A brilliant piece of art, Dylan was drawling vowels,
playing constantly with a pace of words. Literally, he made a very sublime
impression. Hard Water was raw and full of an electric thrill. During the
classic from timeless Blood on the Tracks- Simple Twist of Fate, another
amazement; Bob one more time took his electric guitar. Forgetful Heart was
definitely among the killers last night. Mostly, because of Bob’s powerful solos
on harp. Then Dylan steamed up through Thunder on the Mountain and produced a
significant eerie atmosphere during Thin Man. Emotions reached a summit when the
band started an overwhelming version of All Along The Watchtower. Finally, he
finished with Like a Rolling Stone and played no encores. For sure it wasn’t my
last Dylan’s gig, probably I’ve started a brand new addiction ‘cause still
nothing can compare with a night dominated by the greatest rock and roller among
poets, and most likely the greatest poet alive. To watch Dylan is like to use a
time machine directly to La Belle Époque of Art.

Lukasz Czepulkowski


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