Savannah, Georgia

Johnny Mercer Theatre

November 6, 2018

[David Mendick]

Review by David Mendick

Wow. It was worth the 9 hour drive from Maryland to the Deep South. I knew
this Savannah show on Election Day would be special and was I right. The
Sinatra covers now a distant memory but Dylan has emerged as a better than
ever singer. The reworks of songs we know but his singing has made the
reworks totally amazing. How can Like a Rolling Stone, maybe the best song
of all time, become better. Donít Think Twice with the band almost
silent and Dylan singing like Sinatra. Itís not that heís taking
risks, heís hiding nothing. A brilliant set from start to finish and how
about the finish. At the Johnny Mercer Theater an encore of beautiful
Blowing in the Wind with gorgeous violin followed by Moon River. The place
went crazy. On Election Day thank God for Bob Dylan. Heís got my vote.
He is my leader. Good to see my old friends Howie X and Eric as I was

David Mendick


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