Dublin, Ireland

November 7, 2022

[Davie Furey], [Liam Carson], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Davie Furey

This was more like a theatre performance than a gig.  The carefully constructed 
setlist was delivered delicately yet powerfully by Dylan & his band.  Songs from 
Dylans' past, like I'll Be Your Baby Tonight and When I Paint My Masterpiece were 
reconstructed to fit into the ambience of the show so cleverly that the set 
meandered along like a story that Dylan really wanted to tell.   

There were some sound issues at the start, particularly with Doug's acoustic 
guitar, crackling a little.  I Contain Multitudes was exquisite and real highlight for 
me.  I felt a sense of sadness throughout this song, thinking about all the years 
that I have listened to Dylan and the gigs of his that I have attended with 
various amounts of friends and relations, thinking about will this be the last time 
to be in the same room as these songs whilst they are being delivered by their 
writer?  Then again, I said that before…

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight was fun and Dylan seemed to have fun delivering it, 
with a nice jam with the band for good measure.  Key West was absolutely 
gorgeous.  Incredible lyrics.  Without doubt this was the best Dylan show I've 
been at where I could hear every word Dylan was singing.  His voice was really 
powerful, as good as I've ever heard it.  His piano playing was a bit wayward at 
times, like during I've Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You but the best 
moments of the show for me was when Charley dropped his hands, the guitars 
went quite and it was just Dylan with a sprinkling of piano speaking his truth.  
I never heard him like this before.  Kinda sums him up really.  When he gets it 
right, which is 90% of the time, there is no-one that can come close to his 

One little footnote… before a stunning Every Grain Of Sand, Bob gave a shout 
out to Shane McGowan while adding that Fairytale of New York really hits home, 
he plays it every Christmas and that he hopes McGowan makes a new record 
soon.  Sadly, that is unlikely but then again stranger things have happened like 
Bob Dylan returning to this island in the not too distant future.

Davie Furey


Review by Liam Carson

'Mother of Muses wherever you are, I’ve already outlived my life by
far', sang Bob Dylan last night. At which point, many cheered. At the end
of a stunning performance, we all applauded as if we would never have the
chance to applaud the man again. He turned the 3Arena into an intimate
room, where he sang the praises of Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King.
He sang of being in the Black Horse Tavern on Armageddon Street. He sang
of a world gone wrong, but also of a gospel of  <>love. He sang of rivers,
prairies and plains. He sang often of the dawn, of crossing the Rubicon.
He gave us his old time religion of blues and poetry. He was in fine
voice, he sang his heart out for us. His band were stellar, not least
drummer Charley Drayton, rattling chains of beads over drums and cymbals,
and his stunning jazz pulse on 'Key West'. Dylan gave us a fun-filled
hoedown Chicago blues version of 'I'll be your baby tonight'. He gave a
shout out to Shane McGowan in the audience. We live in very dark times, I
think, and what Dylan did last night was to give us a bit of redemption,
of truth and beauty in his songs and in his voice. Nobody who was there
will forget it. Every now and again, he'd come out from behind his piano,
just to soak up the praise from the audience. And we could see how frail
he is now, but yet he keeps going, and his presence seems larger than
ever, even as his body seems to shrink. On the stage was a man who'd made
up his mind to give himself wholly to us... A lot of people gone, a lot of
people I knew I’ve made up my mind to give myself to you He played
harmonica, just once, at the end of the last song, 'Every Grain of Sand'.
As he breathed the first notes, a wave of love and awe went through the
audience. Whoops of delight, people shouting 'we love you, Bob'. And, by
God, we do.

Liam Carson


Review by Laurette Maillet

From Southampton to Dublin.
Final adventure on that Tour.
Flying from Southampton with two BD followers: Suzane from Rochester N.Y. 
and Juani from Stockholm. I have a nice conversation with Juani (on the plane) 
before we go in different directions: he has a hotel downtown, I have a 
couchsurfing out the city limit.
My host left me a key under a flower pot.
I rapidly realize the house is an old empty building. Nobody is living here.
It's not clean, other travelers have been passing by and there is no....heater. 
it's cold and dump.
So I collect all the covers I can,  find a small electric heater and choose the 
smallest bedroom I can see upstairs.
There is running hot water and electricity.
So not so bad :(
I take a warm shower and sleep under five layers of covers :)
Dublin Novembre 7th.
The weather is still humid so I will go to the National gallery for few hours.
I bump into Gianluigi, a BD fan from Bergamo.
We visit the Gallery together before splitting; he goes to rest in his hotel 
room and I walk to the 3Arena, expecting to get some food around.
There is a large super market so I buy myself a nice salad. First good meal
since  few days :)
The 'fish and chips' don't count as a good meal ; heavy and hard on my 
It's raining. The Arena is huge, with three entrances. 
I truly don't feel like being in the rain for two hours.
So I queue to office ??
Tickets are available for 107€. So, that will be my Christmas gift.
The seat is no good. So...
I sneak in the main floor and bump into Randy, a fan/follower from the 
I know a lot of fans made the trip specifically for that last show....
I see other familiar faces.
I seat next to Randy, in a supposedly free seat.
The seat has a great view on the left side of the piano.
Bob starts on time.
Two or three seconds and the sound is perfect.
Bob and the Band in perfect harmony.
And during the entire show.
The public is nicely reactive.
Bob seems to be in good mood and shape.
I enjoy myself very much. Kind of silently karaoke and moving my body 
in rhythm.
Technically one of the best shows.
Emotionally for me happy/sad.
I don't stop focusing on Bobby's face.
Might be the last image of Bob Dylan I'll remember for a long time.
Bobby moves twice center stage. I stand up with respect.
As well as when he presents the Band. 
Ovation for each one of his musicians.
Thank you guys!
Bob Dylan gives a shout out to Shane McGowan after the Band intro , 
saying he is one of their favorite song writers and that hopefully he will 
record a new album soon.
 He says Fairytale of New York is a song we all listen to at Christmas.
Then "Every grain of sand".
Highly applauded by the public.
I stand up and see Bob resting few seconds on the piano stool. Head down.
I feel like crying.
He will come back for a rowdy standing ovation....
And disappears in the dark.
Bye!bye! Bobby.
Rest well.
Thank you so much for that Tour.
From Oslo to Dublin.
Thanks all the good Samaritans who have been so kind to me.
See you on the road....


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