Innsbruck, Austria


November 8, 2011

[Josef Wolf]

Review by Josef Wolf

They say that the warm and howling southern wind called “Föhn“ causes
some sort of mass paranoia in this particular part of the world. Yesterday
evening the wind blew Mark Knopfler and “Mister Bob” into the
Olympiahalle in Innsbruck. And despite the familiar
intain-environment and the endless rows of overpriced seats that nobody
really needs on this sort of occasion it turned out to be a surprisingly
pleasant evening. 

Mark Knopfler’s slot sounded flawless (but somehow never reached or
aimed for any level of excellence). Mr. Bob, on the other hand, sounded
everything else but flawless. But, supported by his very, very attentive
and hard working band, he managed to deliver an excellent and thoroughly
enjoyable 15-songs-set. My personal favourites: Shooting Star,
Mississippi, Thunder On The Mountain, Ballad Of An Thin Man.

After the concert some people, as usual, moaned about Mister Bob’s
limited vocal range. Some were perplexed by the incomprehensible
deliverance of his most precious song lines.  And a lot of people felt
cheated by the security that never bothered to move the crowd that
sneakingly gathered in front of the stage during the interval. 

By nonchalantly blocking the view of those who paid a premium on the
already premium-priced pole position seats in order to make sure they sit
close to his Bobness, we (yes, my beloved Walli and I were among them)
stood “three feet away” from Bob Dylan who, giving the great
entertainer, was so obviously happy and satisfied with his band, the
audience and himself. We could not ask for more.

Josef Wolf


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