Bologna, Italy
November 10, 2005

[Marco Zoppas], [Martin Colombo]

Review by Marco Zoppas

Of the two Italian concerts, Bologna was really good, Milano was magic. In
Bologna the nice surprise was Never Gonna Be The Same Again, who could
have expected that and what an interpreter he was. There was also a great
interpretation of Sugar Baby. When he sang the lines "these bootleggers
make pretty good stuff" he received a big cheer from the crowd: many
people were probably bootlegging the event. In Milano he was in a good
mood. This became evident when he burst out laughing while singing Stuck
Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again. Suddenly, his "ag-ain-ain"
lasted a long time because he wouldn't stop laughing. The crowd responded
warmly to it. Or was it just my imagination running away with me? No, it
wasn't. Dylan was in a special mood and the confirmation came with Just
Like A Woman. He invited us to sing along. He would just say "she takes"
or "she fakes" or "she makes love" and let us sing "just like a woman"
instead of him or together with him. I've never seen something like this
happen before in the approximately 10-15 shows I've attended so far. Great
fun, totally spontaneous. I could go on describing magnificent versions of
Hollis Brown, Down Along The Cove and Highway 61, but it would be boring
to do so. At the end of the show I was looking at the drape behind the
stage displaying, as always, that Dylanesque symbol of an eye with a crown
on top of it.  What does it mean? Outside the venue they were selling 
T-shirts with the Never Ending Tour symbol and the following words written 
underneath: "Immortals Luceo Porro" (or something like that). Anybody's 
got any clue? I'm really getting curious now.


Review by Martin Colombo

Hiii guys. You must excuse me in advance if I will say foolish things, but
I am only two years old and most of all I am angry with my father. This
time he fooled me; I trusted him when he said to me that we were going to
see the man I call BOB near my hometown of Bologna since a few months ago
while in Canada he said to me that we were going to see a concert of the
man I call GORDON and really Lightfoot it was and what a concert. But
yesterday night...there was no way I could believe him saying that it was
BOB. Instead I think he took me a BOB imitator contest; yes, we were far
away from the stage since my father said that my young ears could not meet
with amplificators and so on; and that should have told me a lot since I
don't believe my father been too far away from the real BOB on stage. But
who was the man who was singing in that strange "falsetto" voice for 2
hours? And who were those guitar players he had around missing all the
right solos and throwing it all away? I thought but dared not say to my
father that BOB knows the roots and that what we heard had nothing to do
with tradition: if it were BOB the man on stage he should have known how
to sing Girl of the North Country and Never gonna be the same again. And
that old story that none can sing Like a rolling stone like BOB: it was
clear that is was not HIM. The old crooner part was so boring that I fell
asleep but  my father says that I was clapping my hands in my sleep anyway
and this gives me some thought that maybe it was HIM; as it did the few
times that the man on stage put his harp on his lips and chilled my blood:
he really looked liked it was BOB. But still I don't believe my father and
hope w'll have a chance for a real BOB's concert; at least I am young and
I might not wait too much; hopefully not forever. 

Martin Colombo


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