London, Ontario

John Labatt Centre

November 11, 2008

[Lara Souter]

Comments by Lara Souter

Let me just say that Bob Dylan is beautiful. I have never felt more
satisfied in a concert in my whole life. Dylan doesn't just offer up the
same old show night after night. There's something spontaneous and
meaningful in every comprehensible word he speaks. If you listen to what
he says, you can imagine how tortured and human the man is. Which, I'm
assuming, is why so many people love him. Because he's just like the rest
of us. 

Last night, I got that message loud and clear. He's human. He's sensitive.
And he hurts a lot. Which is why I almost slapped a bunch of folks after
the show who were putting down his performance. Weren't they listening?
HIs show was brilliant. He's always performing new arrangements and never
the same set list. This man is a genius. 

Of course, I can't be too hard on them. The last time I saw his show was
five years ago, and I thought similar things. I was expecting a trip
through some old classics which I could sing along to. I wasn't a true
Dylan fan. I wasn't listening. 

What makes Dylan's shows worth going to are the little pieces of himself
he offers to the audience each time. I'm hoping that Dylan in 2009 will go
even deeper. He's a man trying to evolve, just like the rest of us. His
true fans will appreciate his nakedness, rather than judge him. I believe
in him. 


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