Florence, Italy

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November 11, 2011

[Roger and Claire Cutler]

Review by Roger and Claire Cutler

Some of the songs were much the same as Padova and well received:
‘Leopard Skin’, ‘Things Have Changed, ‘Tangled Up’, ‘Highway 61’. ‘Thin 
Man’, with Bob center stage with his mic and harp, continues to be the 
hi-lite of these shows displaying Dylan’s complete and unique talent to 
convey his message so the observer contemplates the portrait, even if 
unable to comprehend the full significance. It was again mesmerizing!
‘Forgetful Heart’ employed the same technique and was the best 
rendition I’ve heard. His harp playing brings so much depth to these
performances, particularly as he twists and contorts the anguished 
sentiments. The crowd was completely captivated by the artistry of 
these performances.

A very pleasant surprise was ‘Honest With Me’. I indicated in my earlier 
review that I have never liked this song live. Last night changed 
everything. Bob was center stage with his guitar, and while he only
played sporadically, it was a beautiful version, and much appreciated 
by the crowd, AND ME!

Perhaps the most stirring song was ‘Levee’s Gonna Break’. It is one of 
my favourite songs (in fact my ring tone) and this version just seared. 
While Bob warned of the imminent doom from the endless rain, the
band rhythmically and relentlessly pounded home the enduring hardship. 
The audience offered back perhaps it’s greatest roar for this one. A
song only the Lord could make!

Similar to Padova, the crowd was electric with the first few notes of the
finale ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. Aside from the roar and the singing from the 
crowd (“How does it feel?”), as I looked towards the stage all I could 
see were hundreds if not thousands of iphones being held up in the air 
trying to capture the master performing this masterpiece. Look out 
Youtube! Hard to comprehend how a song approaching 50 years of age 
continues to move so many everywhere. I suppose we can all empathize 
as we’ve all at some point known how “it feels”.

It was a wonderful show. No better or worse than Padova; just different 
as the artist refuses to remain static. And won’t let us either!

Thank you Bob! See you soon! 

Roger and Claire Cutler


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