Baltimore, Maryland

University of Maryland Baltimore County
UMBC Event Center

November 12, 2019

[Todd Holden], [David Mendick], [Tim Shorrock], [John Frisch]

Review by Todd Holden

Bob at UMBC’s new event center is about as close as he’s gonna get
to my land in a long, long time 	So it was that i scored floor seats,
early on for me and my pal…both of us long time fans…hell, i’m 80
gone on 90, and he’s no chicken either. 	Don't like driving at night,
especially into a college round about or two, since they had classes on
Nov.  12 and well, you know. So i called a limo driver i know and asked
if he could pick us up at the farm..;.he said yes and the event was
Opening with Things have changed, well they have…Bob’s i fine ,
strong, emotion  filled voice…for sure…and the band…tighter than a
rat’s ass…i mean they rocked as good as any band now or then
Special renditions for me were Lenny Bruce and Girl From the North
Country, reminding me of the ladies i’ve loved and who’ve loved me
as we both cuddled and listened to bob.
He’s been with me on so, oh so many love times…
not dark yet…rings in my ears as i near the end of my own big lonesome
Special also was simple twist of fate…changes and still the same…all
is what he can do with music that reaches into our hearts and
souls…healing and soothing
Ballad of a thin man, has to be an encore and he delivered…he made me
feel good about my many concerts with him, he still provides what this
tired guy needs. the crowd was enthusiastic and rewards were offered to
the boys when they took their final bow… it was, simply put, as good
as it gets…
May not pass this way again…who knows…for now, it’s him and me and
the rest of the rockin;’ world..
Todd Holden
Forest Hill, Maryland


Review by David Mendick

Freezing. Is it fall or is it winter. I’ve got a bad case of “the
blues” in this depressing season. And then Bob Dylan came into town.
It’s a great town to see Dylan. Such a brilliant show. What a thrill
playing guitar to start the show and again to start the encore. Dylan’s
singing is amazing. Better than ever. How is this possible? Lenny Bruce is
not a great song but it sure was great last night followed by amazing
amazing Early Roman Kings, Girl from the North Country and an exquisite
Not Dark Yet. The whole show was so great that the Beacon marathon is very
tempting. Howie X and Eric and Shaz will surely be there. As for me. See
you at the close at the Anthem. Can’t wait. 

David Mendick


Comments by Tim Shorrock

Bob Dylan on fire tonite in Baltimore and still rockin' it at 78. Gone is
the Sinatra; in are songs all parts of his catalogue. My faves: the
heart-breaking GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY, his soulful tribute to Lenny
Bruce, a sizzling GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY. Audience was spellbound.

Tim Shorrock
Washinton, DC



Review by John Frisch

I have had the great fortune of seeing Dylan anytime he is within a
three hour drive of Baltimore, since I first saw him at the Baltimore
Civic Center in 1978. This was one of the most uniformly satisfying
Dylan shows I have seen in years. I had read very positive reviews
about this leg of the tour and Tuesday night saw Bob in great vocal 
form.  He was engaged and his phrasing was superb.  Beyond that, 
many of the night’s highlights were infused with a real emotional i
nvestment on his part.  It Ain’t Me Babe,  Girl from the North Country 
and Not Dark Yet had tender, wistful qualities and the well worn 
“patina of age” in his voice gave these songs added resonance.  The 
crowd response to Girl from the North Country was testament to this.  
This contrasted with ferocious and snarling versions of Highway 61 and
Ballad of a Thin Man and a terrific version of It Takes A Lot to Laugh
and a Train to Cry.  While I was not a fan of the reworked version of
Can’t Wait, everything else really landed for me.  I loved the
addition of the violin and Bob’s upright piano added a great new
dimension.  The band was tight and taut—playing  with restraint that
at times created a kind of crackling “live wire” tension and
energy below the surface.  This,  and the staging/lighting (which was
the best I have seen), created a pretty compelling atmosphere.  It was
a thrill to see this with my daughter  who was seeing him for the
first time and came away thoroughly impressed.

John Frisch


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