Basel, Switzerland

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November 13, 2015

[Longa Renato]

Review by Longa Renato

My first Review on this site. 17 years before in autum 98 i met
in Bern my singing teacher, who gave my life a changing
with opening me an access to Bob Dylans work. This days i read about the
lamentations that Bob squeezes out in his speech for MusiCares. I was
surprised to read his lamentions about his critics, who say that he can
not sing, that he croaks and that he sounds like a frog. Everytime i was
convinced that for a man with his reputation this critics are not worth
mentioning.  But he is a human beeig like all of us and he doesn't like
critics. 17 years ago, at the time i meet my singing teacher,  my
challenge was to learn to ignore the fact that singing can be 
embarrassing for others. My singing teacher taught me, that it is not so
important what people around is thinking about my singing - important are
the feelings that are expressed with singing. This is good for health even
if you sing about being love sick. With my review i want appeal critics to
be more sensitive with the rating of singing. It is better when People
croak togheter Blowin in the Wind in place of  dispute about right or
wrong. I know that many people never will risk to sing, because everywhere
in Media stream they are only great and faultless voices to hear. I' m
conviced that if more people would try to sing the world would be more
peaceful. Bob Dylan was and is for me an important pillar in my world with
his songs and his way of singing. Tonight his performance was like the
Lamentation of Jeremiah. I hope he find a way out of his colden cage.
Tonight his voice was great, every word came directly out of his soul and
the real sadness could be felt.

Longa Renato


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