Assago, Italy

Mediolanum Forum di Assago

November 14, 2011

[Felix de Lodez]

Review by Felix de Lodez

Just back from the Giro di Bob (4 shows in Italy) with bobcat brothers 
Dave, from Nice, Brian from Adelaide, plus Tom, nephew from Brisbane 
& finally friend & neighbour & fellow Kebeker, Michael from Standbridge 
East. Requires a review…Italian crowds very young, super enthusiastic, 
appreciative & respectful. Bob in top form throughout…as mentioned 
above, Padova saw Bob needing a break after 4 in a row…not quite a 
‘clunker’ (a bit harsh) butthe lowlight of the giro. Knopfler set was pretty
good but with only one song change for all shows (Lonnie Donergan is 
Gone).  Liked his ‘Restless Farewell’ reference, thanking ‘Mr. Bob’ for
the gig. Killer encore, ‘So Far Away from Me’…

Won a bet, thanks to the American couple who lived in London & flew over
for the Rome show on Saturday night – the guy points out that bob has been
doing the Hattie & Hollis duo on Saturday nights & picked ‘em before
pillbox started…But lost a bet, too…a golden opportunity to play ‘Silvio’
(berlusconi resigned on the Saturday in Rome)…last heard bob do Silvio
live in Montreal in ’97, when he had that fungus on his heart.

Thought the soundboard guys were messin’ with bob (‘somethin is happenin
here, but you don’t know what it is…’) with that echo on Thin Man - ya,
ya, Mista, Mista – nice effect. Plus, amazing how many syllables he gets
into taxdeductible  or-gan-i-z-zz-zzz-a-aaa-aaaa-sh-yu- yun-n-nnnn. 

Love bob’s new Oscar Wilde impression as one hand tinkles on the keyboard
and the other on his hip – trés foppish. Desolation Row a hilight – bonus
singsong verses…no truckdriver or carpenter wives in Tangled just a combo
‘doctors & lawyers’ wives.

Finished up with an excellent finale in Assago…hotel where we were staying
near the venue had a post-show ‘Bob Dylan Party’. Unfortunately it ran
from 10 pm to midnight when bob was still playing on stage. No matter,
caught up with 2 Italian bobcat couples staying at same hotel so we had
our own ‘Bob Dylan Party’ in the hotel lobby. Many thanks to Lucca (in the
‘The Dude Abides’ T-shirt) for sorting out the hotel staff & keeping the
beers & great eats flowing until 4:30 am, as we all celebrated the Great

Felix de Lodez


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