Kingston, Ontario

K-Rock Centre

November 15, 2008

[Monica], [Art Milnes]

Review by Monica

November Rains, Not Hard Rain In Kingston
Let's start with the ABC of it, Across the Border for a Concert.
We headed North with our passports the windshield wipers keeping time as
the November rains blew. We crossed the Thousand Islands Bridge and made
our way to Kingston. The K-Rock center was a buzz. We took a look around,
grabbed some tasty Canadian beer and at the sound of the introduction we
took our seats up close in second row. Call it bad Karma but we always
draw seats on the left. What's with that? (If I am going to purchase the
top price ticket to sit this close and have to stare at Bob's backside the
least he could do is loose the long jacket and lounge pants with the
stripe up the leg and don a pair of tight Levis so I can stare at his
ass.) My husband thought the seats were just in the right line with
perfect view of the boys playing guitar. He never keeps their names
straight and after the show said and I quote: "the tall guy with glasses
plays that fender like he made it." He liked his seat. It all started with
a back drop of a starry night sky (is Bob trying to tell us we're spaced
out) and a fabulous rendition of Maggie's Farm; we were ready for the
ride. Anyone that attends Bob's shows, either as an awe struck faithful
fan, a disciple, a newbie, old sixties hippie, or just for something to
do; sits in anticipation of the latest rendition of the classic songs in
Bob's repertoire. Tonight was no exception, as Lay Lady Lay tugged at your
heart, and Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again had you
foot stomping hip swaying and finger snapping. We couldn't stop smiling as
Bob and the boys kicked it up with Highway 61 and then a marvelous and yet
surprising performance of Just Like A Woman. Another back drop (could have
sworn I saw a Hawks head on the screen, maybe I am spaced out) and some
more somber numbers: Nettie Moore, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll,
and Ballad of Hollis Brown. Some songs that seem to be regular standards,
Spirit On the Water, Honest With Me, and Thunder On The Mountain were
delivered well. Bob and boys are well rehearsed from playing these shows
so many nights. Bob leading the band, minus the baton, he offers up a
little soft shoe at the keyboard and harp sometimes with one hand waving
free. From the Stetson on his head to the licked down shine of his pointed
toed boots Bob the accomplished and cool did not disappoint. With an ear
to ear grin, we were riding pretty high. Maybe, it was the Canadian beer
or 'ooh that smell', or just the rhythm, blues and melodies, or the way he
switched the key; I like to think it was a little of each. As Bob ventured
out from the comfortableness of his keyboard to the old and familiar spot
from days gone by; he stood center stage with a microphone, playing lead
guitar and sometimes just the harp. Sweet ride indeed. The husband who
usually doesn't pass judgment offered this the morning after, "he (Bob) is
getting it together trying to make the show different, its' obvious, but
he needs to do something else, like tell the boys in the band to take a
break. Then he (Bob) should sit down and play the guitar by himself or
even just sit at the keyboards and play by himself." I responded, "But at
least he played the guitar last night, and played it well." The husband
then said "well he better play well, he wrote all those songs!" I was
still hoping to hear Mr. Tambourine Man, or It Takes A Lot To Laugh And A
Train To Cry. Anticipation has kept me coming to these shows, but it was
not to be, maybe some other time. With the unfurling of the Minds Eye, Bob
and the boys brought it all back home and dropped us off with a kickin'
Like A Rolling Stone and a rockin' All Along The Watch Tower. Some
positions always satisfy. Now let's roll down to the XYZ of it,
eXceptional Year Zimmy (so far!) PS a shout out to Mayor Rosen it was a
pleasure meeting you and what a fine city Kingston is. We will be back
next summer!


Comments by Art Milnes

Just wanted to report this was perhaps the top one of all the ones I have
been to. The band was tight and obviously close to their band leader,
Dylan, who, seemed to be enjoying himself this evening. An outstanding
event and many thanks to Mr. Dylan for coming to a small venue like
Kingston. Some of the best harp work Dylan has ever done.   



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