Geneva, Switzerland

SEG Geneva Arena

November 15, 2011

[Frank], [Pascal Herte]

Review by Frank

"Having been in the seats for three of the UK concerts, this was my first
standing one on this tour - front row in front of Bob on piano. A lot of
the crowd around me (and in the seats) were here for Mark, and, when I
looked around as the houselights went up at the end, I could see that
about half of them were empty! It seemed that Mark's fan had paid around
GBP 100 just to see him for an hour or so. Having said that, Mark did seem
to be much more appreciated by the Geneva crowd than he had, say, in

But to Bob. What can you say? The man has re-found some voice, seems
completely in control, looked content and relaxed, and as though he is
quite capable of continuing to empty our pockets for concert tickets for
at least another 10 years or more. I would rate the concert at least on a
par with the Manchester and Bournemouth shows. Sound (and Bob's vocals)
were of a high quality, a really solid and enjoyable show.

Highlights would be Mississipi, Tangled, and Visions, but there was little
to split the quality of anything. After an uncertain start, Summer Days
really rocked, and the same could be said for Honest with Me and Thunder
on the Mountain. 

Next to me was a guy from Berlin who had thought that the prices for the
German shows were too expensive, and he was off to Zurich and the London
shows afterwards. Next to him was a Swiss-German, who had said that he was
there for Mark, but would stay to give Bob a go. As I turned to him at the
end, he had a big smile on his face, and just said "Incredible" 



Review by Pascal Herte

For once: since the first show in Geneva it was NOT seated on the floor,
so basically you could dance and have a good time. Since Bob's recent show
focus on rockabilly music, this was a non-frustrating show and you could
actually dance on your feet! Mark's show was not my thing, neither my
wife's, it was boring for us but the Geneva crowd seemed to like it.
Here's to the Geneva show: Leopard was great, although a bit weak. Don't
think twice was horrible, Bob butchered it on guitar and made me think
that it could be used as a background in a horror movie. Things have
changed was great but better in Sursee the same year. Mississippi was
great. The most amazing song was Honest with me, this was truely exellent
and well played on guitar by Bob. I'm not a fan of Tangled up in blue and
the same song was better in Sursee. Summer days was ok, John Brown and
Highway 61 were good. Visions of Johanna was butchered, what a sad mess.
Can't believe that the other reviewer found it good, that's just not
possible for me! Ballad of a thin man had the echo effect, and I didn't
like that, it was much better in Sursee. As for the usual ending it was
ok. All in all it was a dynamic show, being my 12th Bob concert I would
rate it with an 8/10. I would have preferred the setlist from Zurich. Oh
well. Can't be everywhere.


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