Zurich, Switzerland


November 16, 2011

[Shmuel Berger]

Review by Shmuel Berger

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright from Geneva, a triumphant trio of Bob, Mark and
Charlie all picking gorgeously, was replaced with a stunning - even transcendent
- It Ain't Me, Babe, by the threesome on their six strings (eighteen strings;
eighteen standing for "Life"). A lofty and lovely tapestry of notes woven by the
three men.

And the Mississippi of Geneva was topped by the Zurich rendition, and hearing
this live two more times was a gracious complement to the three outstanding
versions on Tell Tale Signs.

Despite what he says, Bob never stays in Mississippi a day too long - every time
he goes there in concert he makes it clear that it's exactly where he should

Again, no official encores - just all one set, as in Geneva. Is it getting past
Bob's bedtime to spill into an encore set, or just local rules of when the show
needs to end?

No matter, this one finished with maybe the most moving Blowin' in the Wind I've
heard in nearly half a century of Bob playing it live.

Shmuel Berger


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