Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Performing Arts Center

November 20, 2019

[Laurette Maillet], [Ernie Pancsofa]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Providence. We arrived by car from Lowell and we(Ben and I) have a lunch
by the waterfront. Ben drops me center town by the "Providence theater"
and he goes for a nap. I feel like checking around the downtown area. By
four the buses pull in the street and Bob and the Band start working on
the soundcheck. By now I wonder why they need a rehearsal as they will
certainly do the same songs, they know by heart. It's raining now and Ben
join me for a cup of tea. By 7 p.m. I step out expecting a miracle
ticket.  Again tonight, a man has two extra tickets to give away, one for
me and one for another poor Fan. I walk inside with Ben as it is cold
outside. The theater is magnificent. Christmas decorated. My seat is on
the balcony but the capacity is 3000, so the view on the stage is great,
anyway. At 8.p.m. They take the stage. Bob with the same black with white
stripes pants but a silver/ grey jacket. The sound is bad for the first
two songs and Bobs voice is rough. After "highway 61" that will be better.
This time he is doing a modulation of the melody on " Simple twist of
fate". Playing with his voice! Other than that the show is equal to
Lowell. The public is nicely reacting. "Trying to get to heaven" sounds
again boring and "Gotta serve somebody" is lacking of energy. Ben is out
before the end and I join him with few others for a "goodbye" departure to
the buses. Of course far away from any disturbance as Barron keeps
vigilance! We had a nice day and a pleasant evening but the night will be
short as Ben needs to drop the car at JFK and we'll catch a bus to Philly.
Good night Bobby. See you there.


Review by Ernie Pancsofa

Painting masterpieces
Rainy and drizzly outside / Thunder inside
Ornamental surroundings
Violin virtuosos
Introductions to applause
Dylan delights
Enigmatic energy
New England in November
Center stage majesty
Evolving still

Reworked tempos
History continues
Offering old and new
Dylan delights once again

It's 9:30 PM - Encore awaits
Seventy-Eight !!
Lighting casts shadows
Another day / another city / another show
Never the same song twice
Dylan delights a final time

Ernie Pancsofar


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