Milan, Italy

Teatro degli Arcimboldi

November 22, 2015


Review by Matteo

I was glad I was at the last show of the tour in a nice modern theatre
like The Arcimboldi.

At 21,00 Stu began the show without any setlist surprise.
Bob wore a White Panama dress and seemed a little tired during THC, or
maybe the vocal was a little buried in the mix. With the first piano song
the mix improved and the sound was nice. Bob was focused, his warm low
notes (when he decided to give us) was very very good and his more raspy
highest range,  was good either. I loved to listen to the "new" songs of
this leg, Bob did a GREAT last note on What ll Do. He seemed particulary
in good mood when he thanked the crowd before announcing the 
intermission.  He even said "Grazie Mille" "Thanks a lot" I cant see his 
face at that moment but I guess he was smiling And thats good.



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