Blackpool, England

Opera House Theatre

November 23, 2013

[Dave Longley], [Nick Morgan]

Review by Dave Longley

Throughout Autumn I've kept up to speed with 2013's European tour through
Bob Links, travelling to the show from over the Pennines into Lancashire
we pretty much new what to expect in terms of the set list.  My travelling
companion today was Isaac Sonny Smith my eight year old Grandson, his very
first Bob Dylan gig!!. I must admit I felt a little uneasy taking him
there (into Lancashire), could he maintain his concentration over two

No need to worry, he was soon singing along to *Duquesne Whistle* in the
car and hoping Bob would play his favourite Tempest tune "Roll on John".

Arriving at this beautiful theatre it was obvious the crowd would be made
up of regular Bob Cats, Isaac receiving some curious looks and
complimentary comments for kid his age.

We sat up in the balcony; we watched and listened with one last look,
Isaac's face just glowing from the stage lighting so delicate and in total

The band and arrangements are just magnificent, I find myself listening
eyes closed occasionally, and just somehow getting that extra magical feel
and those goose bump moments.

I'm sure every fan had their personal standouts which for me is testament
to the man, but the mix of old and new songs covering half a century,
blues, jazz and country cannot be matched by any other living artist.

These days Bobs voice comes under constant scrutiny, lets just be grateful
he's still hauling himself around the globe putting together these great
nights of true live music.

Well as expected we didn't get Roll on John, but we were sent away happy,

Isaac spent his pocket money on a Bob Dylan baseball cap, proudly sat upon
on his head as he slept and dreamed on his way back home into Yorkshire

See you in London Bob

Grandad Dave Longley
Leeds West Yorks


Review by Nick Morgan

I had bought 2 tickets ages ago for this gig because I'd heard what a
fabulous venue it was (22nd Bob gig so pretty committed...) I suddenly
needed a third so grabbed one last minute, which happened to be front
row!! My mates on row M! He was there, right there in front of me! His
Bobness, smiling, hand on hip, all jaunty. I reckon Bob LOVED this
performance and so did everybody else. Tempest just agrees with his
current voice and band, of course.

After a good start of Things Have Changed and She Belongs To Me, the first
half just got better and better culminating with a stunning, mesmerising
Love Sick. A buzzing audience looked excited during the intermission.
Nobody could have expected it to be this good?!

Forgetful Heart was beautifully made by Donnie on violin, Last of the pre
encore set was Long and Wasted Years, delivered as though he meant every
word, right there and then. Ending the night with a lively Watchtower and
Blowin' in the wind was, of course no surprise...the amazing thing is his
endurance and the fact that the final song is still so relevant 51 after
it was written!

Never believe anyone who tells you Bob's past it. And don't criticise what
you can't understand!

Nick Morgan
Holmfirth Yorkshire England


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