December 9-10, 1995

Boston, Massachusetts

Orpheum Theater

Review by Christine Consolvo: (posted to on 12/12/95)

I guess I'm in need of a thesaurus...running out of superlatives to
use. Popular opinion runs toward the fact that I'm extremely easy to
please when it comes to live Bob shows. That could very well be. Is it
that I'm becoming worse or is he getting better? While the former
would be difficult to deny, the latter holds it's own truths to be
sure. The Boston shows...These eyes and ears neither saw nor heard a
single second of perfunctory performance. The general consensus is
that Danbury was okay, Worcester a bit better, but Boston...I can't
help it if I'm lucky! Saturday night he hit the stage resplendent in a
wine colored brocade jacket with black velvet collar and split cuffs.
Black tee, belted, black patent leather low cut boots, and the black
pants with silver-zippered sides completed the look. I hope he doesn't
get any thinner... He was *on* from the word go. These old theatres
suit him so well. Both he and they are historic sites (sights)! Every
song this weekend qualified as a highlight, but "Pledging My Time" had
to be the highlight of highlights. Slow, bluesy, emotive beyond the
expected (or even the imagined). What words are there left to say
about the shows this year? I find myself at a loss. Even "Silvio" was
delivered in such a distinctly different fashion...most lines coming
across as if from a person who was taking the 3000 who listened in the
venue in confidence. "I give what I got until I got no more...I take
what I need until I even the score." (sssshhhhhhh) Perhaps he was
trying to save his voice, but whatever the reason, it worked! The
acoustic set was positively inspired. Tangled, To Ramona and John
Brown work well together and aren't as worn as other selections at
times. We had noticed Allen Ginsberg in the will call line before the
show and he had come equipped with an antique-looking zoom camera
which he was allowed to use. Three different times he left his 6th row
aisle seat to sneak up to the stage front (with his female companion
and her Snappy flash accompanying) to take many photos. This provoked
Bob into striking many a pose--knee bent to the side, chin up profile,
eyes gazing skyward, etc. Very cute. Even "Lenny Bruce" which has, on
some other occasions, made me want to check my watch, was
extra-special. "His spirit's livin' OOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN and on." This
show was delivered ardently and was merely a precursor for Sunday
night. On Sunday, rather than socializing (which is important also!)
during Patti Smith's show, I found a fan of hers in my group of
friends to escort me thinking I would be more likely to enjoy it with
him. Weeeellll, he was not necessary! Patti was great! Opening with
"Wicked Messenger" she immediately drew the audience into the act and
kept us there. Her treatment of WM seemed to come from deep within. I
think it must have been a favorite of hers for quite some time. When
she was invited on to share the stage with Bob later I was glad I had
already warmed up to her. What a beautiful picture they made. It was
reminiscent of the Joanie days, but there was no competition,
bitterness, etc. involved and it made a big difference. How they chose
"Dark Eyes" is a mystery, but an inspired one. I have personal
knowledge that it reduced at least one person to tears. She was no
doubt thrilled to the bone to be in that spot, but it was Bob who wore
a look of delighted reverence. During the song, he kept gazing at her
with a mix of adoration, disbelief, and perhaps some envy for her ease
in delivering the lyrics with such passion. When it was over, his body
language said he wanted her to stay forever, but he had to suffice
with giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then he just
couldn't resist doing it again! The memory of this live performance
will get me through entire days in the old folks home I'm sure. 

The rmd gathering on Saturday was very great fun! The loud disco music
was the only deterrent to an all out shindig! We even incorporated it
into the party at times. The dj was reluctant to accomodate us Dylan
heads, but had to give in and play three songs from GH2 ending the
party with an appropriate "Down In the Flood". Meeting all these
people-I couldn't possibly name them all and wouldn't want to leave
anyone out-made the weekend a singular event.(I'm working on getting a
video clip of Sadiej on the web. ;-) As I said to her-"You seem so
normal! What's the deal!?!") We'll definitely have to do this every
time from now on! Well, I could go on, but my family is bugging me to
start decorating the Christmas tree.

Just thought I'd mention it...


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