Just Like Bob Zimmerman's Blues

by Dave Engel

Published by River City Memoirs - Mesabi
ISBN: 0-942495-61-6

Press Release:

To the world he is Bob Dylan, the creative genius who brought poetry to rock music. To a Duluth,
Minnesota doctor who signed the birth certificate on May 24, 1941, he was Robert Allen Zimmerman
and would be until his graduation from Hibbing High School in 1959: a son of the Temple, a child of
the '50s, a boy of the Iron Range.

As Dylan has admitted, "everybody's environment affects him." Learn here how the immense prosperity
of iron ore afforded his community of immigrant descendants the luxury of constructing model schools,
homes and businesses while satisfying their need for culture and entertainment. Understand the impact
of television, radio and movies attended for free because of family ties. Enjoy visiting the grade school
years, sophomoric garage gigs, high school talent shows, closest pals and first girlfriends.

In the search for factual information, author Dave Engel worked with numerous historical societies,
public librairies and courthouses. He also interviewed former neighbors, friends and classmates to
achieve this comprehensive look at Dylan's life in Minnesota. Photos of the homes, businesses,
classrooms and streets capture the events which defined Dylan's life. Get in touch with one of the
most famous rock legends of our time --- Bob Dylan

High-quality, Symth sewn, 2-color laminated softcover, 7x10 inches, 220 pages with
photographs throughout.

Ordering Information:

The book can be ordered through Rolling Tomes, My Back Pages, or directly from the author.

Rolling Tomes
P.O. Box 1943
Grand Junction, Colorado 81502
Phone: 970-245-4315

My Back Pages
P.O. Box 117
Carlisle CA1 2UL

To order book from the author, use the following address:

5597 Third Avenue
Rudolph, WI 54475

From the author, books are $20 each.

US orders: Include $2 postage
Make checks payable to: River City Memoirs

Overseas orders: Include $7 airmail postage
International Money Orders only payable in US Dollars

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