Los Angeles, California
Shrine Auditorium
March 25, 2001

["an adoring fan"]

Review by "an adoring fan"

Last night, along with millions of other Dylan fans, we retreated to the
living room to watch the Oscars.  My husband immediately started in with
"If they don't give it to Bob Dylan, I'm taking this TV and throwing it
through that window!"  And we had to listen to this solemn vow right up
until Jennifer Lopez, the camera cleanly cutting off  her well-endowed
figure, introduced Dylan.  The transition to Australia wasn't all that
smooth, but Dylan's face came into view and his band started right up and
there he was--singin'!
It seemed to go by so fast, and I know he dropped at least one verse, 
maybe because the academy likes to keep the show moving along and they
wouldn't want to slow down, even for a masterpiece.  Anyway,  I think the
verse he dropped was the one that goes "This place ain't doing me any
good, I'm in the wrong town, I should be in Hollywood... Don't get up
gentlemen, I'm only passing through."  Too bad, because it underscores the
theme of restlessness and confusion that threaten to--and can--steal a
man.  I'm probably too picky, though, because the way he sang the song and
addressed his audience combined to convey the song's atmosphere.  

The camera was not kind to Dylan.  Even so, it was a thrill to see
Dylan so intimately, without the mask of 50 rows back or 30 years ago. 
His face is as lined as the palm of a hand.  You could watch him forever. 
And his eyes... are they really so blue?  Those eyes are beautiful and
piercing, and all those thoughts and tunes came from just behind them. 
Watching him was a thrill.  His band was great as always.  We also got to
see David Kemper close up, a nice change since he's usually buried by
drums.  He substituted his cowboy hat for a very nice beret and wore dark
glasses, I think.  And the three boys with guitars... gorgeous as usual. 
They were all beautifully dressed, but Tony Garnier stole the show with an
especially beautiful fedora. 

At the song's conclusion, the Academy ran clips of all the nominated 
songs for the award.  Again, my husband vowed to smash the TV if they
didn't give it to Dylan.  It was great to watch Dylan receive the award; I
gush all the time over him, so it was wonderful to see him gush over the
Oscar.  "Oh Good God!  This is amazing!"  Right from the heart! 
Congratulations, Bob Dylan, to you and your band!  


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