Birmingham, Alabama
BJCC Concert Hall

April 5, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

My neighbors are loudly laughing !
"I've made up my mind to give myself to you"
-From Salt Lake City to Birmingham-
And the audience is crazy wild !
I have almost the entire row for myself. [Except a beautiful couple who will 
buy two of my prints for 40$. That will make it for the Tix. :)].
So I "karaoke" with Bob. Though I have to admit that I'm so tired that I 
feel like in a dream. I drift away few times hearing Bob far away in my 
subconscious. Not too bad feeling as I never lost conscience. And I swear 
I didn't smoke anything :)
For me it is a great show. Making up for a depressing day.
It was like watching a YOUTUBE video of the show laying on my couch :)
Except Bob Dylan and the Band were right there flesh and blood!
And good at their job!
I step out. I still have some prints to sell. A beautiful Angel Lady says she 
loves my Art and want to buy the 15 copies I have left.
" Will 100$ be enough? " She asks . " Well! Sure!" ...:) We chat for few 
minutes. Exchange emails and I hope I will find her again. She's truly a 
beautiful Lady! Not somebody I was expecting to find here in Birmingham :(
The boys are not so happy with "their" show. They believe Chattanooga 
was better. 
Just a question of feeling I guess
We find a nice Pub to have finally a decent meal. I choose the Falafel 
burger. Then we walk back home, chatting among us and forgetting the 
surroundings. The night will be the best I had for a long time on the road. 
A full 7 hours sleep.

Thank you the good people: Stefanie. Stefano and Mauro. My neighbor 
who bought two prints. The Angel Lady.
I'm happy I made it to Birmingham one more time!
See you next in Mobile.


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