Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 05/17/98


May 17, 1998

George, Washington
The Gorge

Thanks to Steve Walls for the following review: 

Tonight, Bob surprised me!!!  I have been attending shows since the late
70's and for the first time, Bob played a total of 11 songs in a timespan of
one hour.  I have to believe that the weather conditions played a big part
in the length of tonight's show.  With the threat of rain, the temperature
in the low 50's and the wind exceeding 30 mph at times, who could blame Bob
for only playing a hour?

Bob Dylan was the opener for tonight's show with Joni Mitchell and Van
Morrison closing out the show.  Bob was scheduled to start playing at
6:00pm.  But that time came and went.  One of the reasons for the delay was
that the overhead lighting fixtures needed to be secured.  The fixtures were
swaying because of the wind.  At about 6:05pm, I wandered over to right side
of the stage.  At that moment, I saw Bob and his Band proceed to make their
way to the stage.  I don't know why, but I yelled out "Bob, Are we going to
hear Maggies Farm tonight?".  Bob proceeded to briefly look at me like I was
an crazed person!

Well, at 6:06pm, Bob took the stage and opened the set with "Maggies Farm."
I know that I didn't influence his choice of selection in the slightest, but
I thought it was humorous.  After completing the song, Bob stated his famous
words, "Thanks Everybody".  Bob then said, "Here's one of my good songs
now".  The band proceeded to play "Lay Lady Lay."

The remaining songs in the set were Cold Iron Bounds, Just Like A Woman,
Silvio, Roving Gambler (At least I hope that is the name of the song!  I'm
guessing the name of the song from the lyrics),  Tangled Up in Blue, This
Wheel is on Fire, Highway 61 Revisited,  It Ain't Me Babe, and Rainy Day

At the end of This Wheel Is On Fire, Bob again stated "Thanks Everybody".
Bob then stated "Joni is coming on next, then Van "The Man" Morrison."  Bob
then proceeded to introduce the band.

>From the first song until the last one, most of the crowd was dancing.  Bob
really seemed to feed off of this energy.  Bob was in rare form with his
classic poses,  facial expressions and his small dance steps.  Bob continued
to ham it up for the crowd during the entire performance.

I've had the pleasure in attending the May 14th show at the GM Place in
Vancouver, and the May 16th show at the Gorge.  In my opinion, the one hour
performance on the 17th, was his best show out of the three.  I only wish
that I could see the other four shows that will be occurring on the West


Thanks to Jack Brockie for the following review:

I arrived a little early with my friends who all had general 
admission, which did not matter to them, they had a blast!  I said 
farewell until we meet again in the campground, then I was off to my 
GOLD CIRCLE Seat.  I was greeted by a man and his wife, I sat by the 
lady, we talked, it seemed as though I barely sat down when a 
The Man took the stage...he walked out...with his band...the 
crowd errupted...and Al Santos pulled the microphone to his mouth 
and the words which haunt me emitted from his mouth: "GOOD 
BOB DYLAN?!"  I jumped up, someone shouted "down in front", but 
I ignored them totally...BOB strapped on his guitar and blasted a 
beautiful version of "MAGGIE'S FARM" to open the show...I went 
wild...same song opener as the December shows...after dancing to 
this masterpiece...he paused for a minute and said, "here's one of my 
good songs now", and he begin to play "LAY LADY LAY", which of 
course I unknowingly began to sing out loud...then quickly began 
to lip sinc to accommodate the people around me...after the beautiful 
song...then my favorite live song: "COLD IRONS BOUND"..."I'm 
beginning to hear voices!!"  I was amazed...on "The Wind's In 
Chicago"...I raised my hands in happiness...he saw me singing with 
him...then the chords to "JUST LIKE A WOMAN" started to 
play...and guess what?!  NEW LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!  For part of the 
verses he played new lyrics...I know he could see me in the 
crowd singing with I am tall...after that he said his "Thank 
you very much" and his beloved "Thanks Everybody!"  Then BOOM 
BOOM, "SILVIO" blasted on stage...he danced around...I sang and 
danced around as well...almost bumping  into the person on the right 
side of me...I never took my eyes off BOB and His BAND during 
the whole show...just once for some late arriving moron to find 
their seat...then after a Rocking "SILVIO"...he strapped on the  
acoustic guitar...and another of my favorites..."ROVING GAMBLER"!  
A little opening instrumental...then "I am a Roving Gambler...I've 
gambled all around..." Everytime he sang the chorus I raised my 
hand up...he and Tony still watched and laughed in happiness...Bob fool the audience...he changed the beginning 
strings a little...but it didn't fool me...I turned to the guy next 
to me and said..."TANGLED UP IN BLUE"...then Bob..."early one 
mornin'..." I cheered...on this masterpiece he danced the evening 
away...strutting...and strumming...he shouted...then...a brilliant 
"THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE"...I watched in amazement...then "If your 
memory serves you well..." I was sooooooooo happy he sang this ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! "Notify your next of kin...this wheel 
shall explode!"  Then...a short pause of him looking 
around...then..."A little later The Great Joni Mitchell's gonna 
come out...and Van 'The Man' Morrison..."then... "HIGHWAY 61!"  
This was a thunderstorm of guitar was amazing...then 
he left as the crowd cheered...clapped...and stomped their 
feet...when he walked back out...he was smiling...and he bowed...then 
he picked up the acoustic guitar..."go 'way from my window..." this 
version ROCKED!!!!!!!!  I sang along with him on "No, NO, NO! It 
Ain't Me Babe!"  Then...he strapped his electric guitar on...and  
DO DO DO DO DO DO DOOO DOOO DOO DO DO..."They'll stone ya 
when you're tryin' to be so good"....this was a ravishing was amazing!  No "LOVE SICK" tonight...but it was 
alright...the wind's in Washington were picking up...and he wanted to 
get the hell outta there...the structure of the stage was 
blowing...he was very cold as well when he was playing...the 
wind was blowing through his hair...and the last thing we want 
our boy to do is get sick...this show was one of the greatest!!!!!!!! 
All I keep thinking in my head now is...I HAVE TO SEE HIM 

JONI MITCHELL was great as well...but a little lonely...her songs 
were in the same key...and they were depressing...but to see the 
great JONI MITCHELL was fine with friends were a little 
disappointed with she played the longest...but I liked 
her fine. 

A rather long break...then "GOOD EVENING GORGE!!!!!!!! PLEASE 
WELCOME THE GREAT VAN MORRISON!"  As his man announced
him...I have live VIDEOS of V...but to see him live right in front of 
me was amazing!  He rocks...he was dressed in all black...and he 
did not put his shades on until nightfall...then he really looked 
superb..."She's as sweeeeeeeeeeet as Tupelo Honey!"  He rocked 
as well.

After Van's show, I went to the Campground, the night was filled 
with the tape players playing Johnny Cash songs and Bob Dylan 

The rest of the West Coast Tour should bring more happiness.  
Now, Bob has to make this a yearly trip, or at least Mexico.
Thanks Bob!

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